Update on Samsung Unpacked 2014

February 11, 2014 | Comments | Tomorrow Works



The new updated Samsung unpacked image has come to the surface. As you can see, 9 new symbols have been added to the Samsung Unpacked 2014 invitation: Speed, Outdoor, Curiosity, Fun, Social, Style, Privacy, Fitness and Life. Also we are sure that you have noticed that there is lots of 5s.


Update on Samsung Unpacked 2014


We understand that there is lots of speculation regarding what will be unpacked in Barcelona. However, we at Samsung Tomorrow have to agree with what the 1922 Nobel Prize winning physicist, Niels Bohr, who laid the groundwork for atomic structure and quantum theory, once said,


“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future.”


Visit us at global.samsungtomorrow.com on Monday, 24th of February, 2014 for the Samsung Unpacked 2014 to see Samsung Unpacked 2014 episode 1… together!

  • gtone-01

    Nice teaser of the major ui (touchwiz) redesign!

    Galaxy S 4+1 will indeed be a major departure from it’s predecessors!

  • hot_spare


  • Coinmanmat

    Samsung stop teasing us lol now we know this is about a certain flagship phone of yours *coughGalaxyS5cough* and those icons are hinting at a redesigned TouchWiz UI. Cleaver, real cleaver Samsung :P

    • hot_spare

      English isn’t my native language. But “cleaver” looks odd!

      • David P.

        It looks odd for those of us who ARE native English speakers.

      • Steve ldnuk

        It looks odd because it is wrong! A cleaver is a butchers tool used to cut meat and bone,a sort of hand axe for food. The correct spelling he is trying to use here is clever. Always people who study English are the best speakers and can use grammar properly. Well done!

  • John Kirk

    I’m excited about the new design. I’ve been trying to watch Tizen developing alongside other projects and this UI looks like it could be trying to mimic the Tizen UX very closely. I imagine this might be so the new Galaxy line looks and performs similar to Tizen powered connected devices and in-vehicle systems.

  • John

    Wait…so Apple did a complete UI overhaul last year, and Samsung are doing it this year?

    No shame Samsung, no shame.

    • sensi

      Are you for real?

    • megamojo

      Dude….everyone is overhauling the Mobile UI for their devices….try to stay current.

      • John

        Everyone? Who is everyone?
        Windows? iOS? Android? Blackberry??

    • LFern

      Have you been to the google play store? If you had, you would have known that there have been multiple launchers with with customizable icons and icon packs that sport the flat minimalistic and colorful designs, looooong before apple changed their UI. So tell your homogenized masses to relax.

      • John

        Have I been where? I didn’t realise a manufacturer overhauling equates to someone downloading a theme from the Google Play store.

        It’s funny you think it’s one of the same. Anyone can add a theme to a phone to make it something else, but coat a spoon with silver paint and a silver spoon it ain’t.

    • http://www.dynamic-radio.co.uk/ Peter Thompson

      You mean the UI that borrowed from everything else. IOS 7 has stuff from windows phones, androids, blackberries etc. Sick of people defending their phone’s when they can’t see its obvious everyone steals apple just seems to be better at it.

      Also if its true about apple making a smart watch apple fans will be the first to suddenly claim Samsung has stolen the idea from Apple when they brought theirs out well before

      • John

        You are correct Peter Thompson. Bonus points for you for being the first person here to be honest perhaps you can teach these muppets a thing or two.

        You are correct that everyone borrows from everyone else.
        You are correct that Apple is better.

        The difference here is that Samesung has stolen much more then Apple has ever borrowed and that has been proven several times in court and many more times outside of court.

        Apple takes and makes things better, life easier and in turn, more popular.
        Samsung just takes. There’s your difference.

        • http://www.dynamic-radio.co.uk/ Peter Thompson

          Sadly you have read what I said and misinterpreted it. I wasn’t saying Apple was better but that it was at least better at marketing. Apple steals like the rest the only difference is it’s marketed a lot better. I think the price is a big factor – because it’s expensive people decide that expensive means highest quality but that is debatable. It’s also a lot more private with Android obviously being on multiple phones compared to ios.

          I prefer Samsung myself. Yes they steal but so does everyone else. The problem is when Samsung does come out with something new it’s called a gimmick and then when Apple releases it suddenly it’s amazing. People said the first few iphones had the perfect screen size and everyone else’s was just wrong and bad but suddenly the iphone’s screen is bigger and apple gets praised for basically doing nothing.

          This is what I mean about marketing – they do just the same as others but somehow are able to trick people into thinking its any different. Some iphones I should add contained Samsung technology inside them.

          • John

            I understood what you meant and twisted your words a little…I apologise. You raise some fair points and it seems I have found someone who is willing to discuss rather then bash, must say I’m pleasantly surprised.

            I have to agree that Samsung are seen as releasing “gimmicks” in their products but disagree with the “Apple does nothing” comments. The approach both companies take to new features couldn’t be more opposite. One adopts a wait and see approach while the other throws everything they have against the wall and prays something will stick. Likewise with marketing, one will show what their products are capable of while the other believes attacking their strongest competitor is the smartest, most logical business strategy.

            I believe people hold Apple’s method of implementing new features better because Apple takes the time to understand how people use the product and how easy it is for them to be able to use the new feature/technology rather then just throwing it out there and hoping it works or releasing band-aid ‘patches’ to fix errors up along the way.

            Actually, you’ll find quite a large number of iOS devices would be using at least one piece of Samsung hardware and I think you would be hard pressed to find even some of the loyalist iSheep who would disagree that Samsung (cellular) hardware is some of the best out there–Heck, even I agree with that but it goes beyond the guts of the product…and I think what a lot of people are pissed off with is the way Samsung “borrowed” a lot of what Apple did when the iPhone was released, even down to the packaging.

            iPhones are a lot more expensive, I agree, but you have to remember there’s more then just the sale of the device. The after sales support and the experience that comes with purchasing either an iOS device or an Android one is (again) polar opposite as with any product or service you may purchase whether it be a dinner, a hotel, or your experience when you visit your local supermarket.

          • http://www.dynamic-radio.co.uk/ Peter Thompson

            While it might be true that Samsung tries a lot more and some of these don’t work, at least they are trying to experiment. Haven’t no iphone’s got NFC and wireless charging something that a lot of people think has a big future.

            Samsung to me offers variety – they have phones of all sizes for example. With apple it seems to be a this or nothing philosophy. Samsung is doing well in the smartphone business because it want’s to try and please most people. I also disagree with the idea that Samsung only brings out gimmick features. The problem I have is that it seems like no matter what they do die hard apple fans will try and find something wrong. Take apple’s fingerprint scanner – I bet if Samsung had came up with the idea first and released it first suddenly it would be a gimmick to all the apple fans mainly because it was a Samsung idea and not an apple idea.

            I think it’s the die hard fans that give all companies a bad name. I know lots of people who seem to love apple so much that they can’t admit to any flaws. For example someone I know still is in denial that mac’s can be infected ignoring the key fact that the BBC have even released articles about infections and many key windows security companies now offer mac protection. At least I can admit Android, Samsung etc isn’t perfect.

            Finally Apple have made some big mistakes in the past. Their first attempt at maps was a disaster – cities moved miles away from their actual location, businesses in people’s back gardens etc. One of the past iphone’s also couldn’t be held properly in the left hand without something like a band due to people’s hands covering something like an ariel inside the phone

          • SJ International

            John… This is a Samsung site…. So please leave… I really do not know what Apple fanboys do on Samsung sites… I guess they search for the next big thing.

      • Ren Jie

        It’s quite normal for Apple fans to hate on Samsung. You can keep hating, but we have to admit that Samsung produces quality phone even if they were not the first to invent the smartphone. This competition is good because we consumers will keep getting better phones no matter which brand you prefer.

    • Dee

      Apple fan boy, everything not turn around Apple, you think because Apple did something last year, Samsung can’t do the same for the next 20 years ? Man, how can the world evolve..? I remind you that Samsung did the Touchwiz UX 2 years ago, i can say that Apple make the same AFTER them.
      On the same line, there are nothing that great, who can’t change his theme in android ? The strong point is that Andoid is opened, the Android user does not need to jailbreak- or whatever you want- just to change his theme… So, what’s the big deal?

  • Wael007

    Looking forward to !!!

  • iCrunch

    Where, o WHERE can I find the full keynote, in HD, after the fact??? I checked YouTube and all I could find was one 360p low-quality video of the keynote and a 720p HD one with some Russian (my guess) blabbering all over the speeches. GRRR…:-(