This is a Video for Samsung Unpacked 2014

February 21, 2014 | Comments |



What happened in Vegas… was CES 2014. That was already a month ago. In few days, Barcelona is going to be the happening place. And we know what happens in Barcelona on the 24th of February is going to be called Samsung Unpacked 2014. This video seems to remind us just that. 



Although the Samsung Unpacked is going to be held in Barcelona, Spain, the event is going to be a worldwide event. Samsung Tomorrow feels compelled to take part on this, so we are going to bring you the live broadcasts of the Samsung Unpacked 2014, right here at  


And remember, MWC 2014 kicks off as Samsung unpacks. You can definitely expect us to bring a whole lot of Samsung exclusives on the table. Until then, “Hasta la vista!”



  • GT-01

    Get ready for the next GALAXY people!

    I bet those photos & slow mo shots are taken with the GALAXY S5!! :D

  • Luckjeet Singh Warraich

    satisfied with my s4 …now time for s5 …. wait is about to over :)

  • Vince

    Can’t wait! Is it tomorrow yet?

    • samsungtomorrow

      We hope the time will fly as well, Vince! Unpacked will be live at 8 PM (CET) so check your time zone. We will be live at Barcelona live blogging and live streaming the event so please stay tuned!

  • Tejdivision

    Whats the indian timings for the event

    • Avi

      midnight 12.30

  • remy

    waiting patiently…. .. 4 more hours…

  • Orange Settler

    I just bought the S4 and I am simply amazed. Note that I am coming from an iPhone 5 and still I am amazed. I wonder if they will manage to convince me to buy another phone this year… What do you think? Will they?

  • andika

    when in indonesia time ?

  • Orange Settler

    Just google ” ces to indonesia time ” and in one of the converters you will get like a result, input 20:00 in the ces time slot. You will get your local time. This applies to all of the lads that are trying to find out their local time for the event. Hope that I helped you…

  • Orange Settler

    Sorry, ” CET to Indonesia time ” and not ” CES… “.

  • Orange Settler

    1 hour and 51 minutes to go…

  • Notanidiotliketheauthor

    69 minutes

  • remy

    1 hour people one hour…

  • nhan

    1 min to go

  • udit

    28 minutes .

  • Tejdivision

    2 min left (india)