Samsung’s Product Innovation Team 2: Ideas in Action

February 8, 2013 | Comments | Tomorrow Works

Ok, so now that you know all about the Product Innovation Team (PIT) and four steps of the New Concept Development (NCD) Process after reading Samsung’s Product Innovation Team: How Ideas Becomes Streamlined, we want you to see it in action! We’d like to share with you PIT’s interview video at CES 2013 and four products which recently went through the NCD process, so that you can really see how it works, stage by stage.



Dualview Camera








Well, there you have it – the Product Innovation Team’s work in action.  The 4 stages of NCD really allow for the best product to be innovated and brought to market.  Who knows what they’ll think of next?

  • Jimmy Chan

     I remember in the Berkeley Dog Store near my campus, they already have the LCD style vending machine installed. Hope Samsung does not violate the patent…again.

  • EBW

    Is the uVending machine still in market and available to purchase from Samsung?