Samsung Unveils New Era of Smart Home at CES 2014

January 5, 2014 | Comments | Tomorrow Works

Samsung Tomorrow at CES 2014



  • Samsung Smart Home, a service enabling users to control and manage their home devices through a single application, will be unveiled at CES 2014.
  • The three main service features of Samsung Smart Home are Device Control, Home View and Smart Customer Service.
  • Samsung has also developed a dedicated Smart Home software protocol (SHP) to enable connectivity between all Samsung Smart Home products as well as those from other device and appliance manufacturers.



Samsung Unveils New Era of Smart Home at CES 2014


Samsung Smart Home enables home devices connectivity through a single integrated platform; provides foundation for emerging ecosystem of connected home services  


Samsung Electronics announced Samsung Smart Home, a service enabling Smart TVs, home appliances and smartphones to be connected and managed through a single integrated platform.


The Samsung Smart Home brand and product logo will debut at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and the service will be commercially rolled out across Samsung devices and appliances in the first half of 2014. Pursuing its vision for a connected world, Samsung will also collaborate with third-party partners to make the Smart Home service extendible to their products and services, building the foundation for a rapidly-growing ecosystem of connected home services.


“With Samsung Smart Home, we are bringing our capabilities as the world’s number-one manufacturer of smart devices to make the connected home a reality for consumers today,” said Wonpyo Hong, President, Media Solutions Center, Samsung Electronics. “In the coming days, we will continue to roll out better home services to our consumers to enable them to keep enjoying a brand-new experience of ‘Smart Living and Beyond’.”


Samsung Smart Home’s unique functionality enables users to control and manage their home devices through a single application by connecting personal and home devices — from refrigerators and washing machines to Smart TVs, digital cameras, smartphones and even the wearable device GALAXY Gear — through an integrated platform and server.


Samsung Smart Home will initially provide three main service features enabling users to connect with their devices from anywhere, anytime: Device Control, Home View and Smart Customer Service.


With Device Control, users can use customized settings on their mobile devices or Smart TV to monitor or control home devices — turning on air conditioning or activating lighting, for example — while inside or outside the home, or even while travelling abroad. At the touch of a dedicated Smart Home app icon on their device, the service enables users to control one or multiple devices simultaneously no matter where they are.


Smart Home also offers a voice command function on all the controller devices. If a user says ‘going out’ to his GALAXY Gear device, home lighting and selected appliances are turned off. If the user says ‘good night’ to their Smart TV remote control, the TV will be turned off and lights dimmed and gradually turned off in readiness for sleep. Users can also use chat control on their smartphone app as a fun, convenient way to communicate with their devices. 


With the service’s Home View feature users can also use their smartphone to get real-time views of the home via in-built appliance cameras; and Smart Home’s Smart Customer Service notifies users when it’s time to service appliances or replace consumables, and provides assistance in after-sales servicing. 


Initial deployment of Samsung Smart Home will focus on a range of Samsung Smart TVs, home appliances and smartphones. The service will gradually expand its coverage by including additional Samsung products as well as other manufacturers’ devices and appliances.


Samsung has also developed a dedicated Smart Home software protocol (SHP) to enable connectivity between all Samsung Smart Home products as well as those from other device and appliance manufacturers. Through this strategy, Samsung aims to create a foundation for an emerging ecosystem of connected home services in collaboration with its partners.


Samsung also plans to expand the Smart Home service to cover home-energy, secure home access, healthcare, and eco home applications through the partnerships with third-party service providers in these sectors, helping foster joint commercial opportunities and grow the connected home service marketplace.


Led by Mr. Hong, Samsung established an internal organization in the middle of last year — called the Smart Home Steering Committee — to align all of the company’s product groups, including its R&D arm, behind the Smart Home platform and co-ordinate the development of innovative services and commercial partnerships around the service.   


Samsung Smart Home



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  • jaap

    I hope some sort of API will be made available. This would boost the market of home automation enormously, especially if it can be combined with out of market products.

  • Flo

    Well done Samsung. I hope the server software will be available soon.

    • samsungtomorrow

      Thanks, @Flo! We don’t have any information on that right now, but we will let you know when we have news. So stay tuned!

  • Niels

    I’ve been waiting for this for some time. I would love to automate my house with one system that controls all. Hopefully the manufacturers will come somewhat together, so that we can combine different brands where needed.

    • samsungtomorrow

      Hope your wish will come true soon, @nielsvandecoevering:disqus!

  • joe

    Integrated camera?? No privacy at home!

    • haha

      it could be problem but i believe they made a wall for that

  • Thomas E.-E.

    I really hope the SHP will be open to all SmartHome market participants (at least the specification)

    • samsungtomorrow

      We hope so too, @thomasee:disqus

  • Bokyong Kim


  • Bokyong Kim


  • kanedog337

    What about smart door locks?

    • Shaukat Khan

      Door lock would come under Access control system :)

      • smarterkey

        Will be interesting to see the developer tools for the SHP

        • Shaukat Khan

          OK, it says there…
          SHP to enable connectivity between all Samsung smart home products as well as from others. Samsung plans to expand the SH service to cover secure home access (card reader and exit etc.)???

        • Shaukat Khan

          As per site work, Access control system comes separate than smart home automation system by other manufacturers…I have worked on a project recently. A very nice and sophisticated project, I suppose. It had magnetic door lock system etc…:)

  • Shaukat Khan

    Great! Samsung is my favorite branded company :) How to get fully trained for such Samsung’s Smart Home Automation System? LG has come up with such docking system as well?

    • samsungtomorrow

      We’re thrilled to hear that, @Guest. We don’t have any information on our Smart Home Automation System at the moment, but we’ll let you know when we have news. Thanks!

  • Vincèn Pujol

    How to get information about the Protocol ? as I would be very interested to implement it in existing automation systems to make them compatible with Samsung products ! Found nothing in developer center :(

    • samsungtomorrow

      Hi @vinc_n_pujol:disqus — please ask our Customer and Support team by visiting, choosing the country you are currently residing, and clicking on Contact Us, which is on the bottom right corner of the page. They will have the latest information so they will be able to answer your question. Hope this helps!

      • Vincèn Pujol

        Thanks I sent a message to your french division, hope they’ll be able to help me ;)

  • amir


    Please introduce Samsung Smart House representative in Iran

    I’m getting representation in intelligent home

    Please guide

    tank you

  • Dave


    I work for a UK domestic appliance manufacturer. Is it possible to contact someone and discuss Samsung’s protocol further?


  • Mohamed Doumbia

    Mohamed DOUMBIA from Senegal (West Africa): Who to contact to be sales representative here for LTE infrastructure and Smart Home Solution.

  • Koonzasoft


    I have two question to samsung electronics.

    1. I wasn’t found samsung in Z-wave alliance’s member company list. Was samsung be member about Z-wave alliance?

    2. Is samsung have plan about product of built in Z-wave module? Or already released?

  • Linda Li

    Sharp has already released their Cloud Smarthome System recently! Check it out its available in Malaysia now.