Samsung is urgently looking into the recent child labor allegations and will adhere to its zero-tolerance policy

July 10, 2014 | Comments |

At Samsung Electronics, we deeply care about the health and safety of all our employees and employees at our suppliers, and strictly maintain a zero tolerance policy on child labor.


As part of our pledge against child labor, Samsung routinely conducts inspections to monitor our suppliers to ensure they follow our commitment. For the supplier in question, we have conducted a thorough audit in March 2013 which was followed by a third party inspection in August 2013, and yet another one in June 2014. No cases of child labor were found during these audits.

We are urgently looking into the latest allegations and will take appropriate measures in accordance with our policies to prevent any cases of child labor in our suppliers.


We have demanded our suppliers to adopt a new hiring process to strengthen identity verification beginning the end of 2012. These measures included face-to-face interviews of candidates before hiring, the use of an electronic scanner to detect fake IDs, and distribution of new supplier guidelines setting forth Samsung's commitments to preventing child labor. In addition to these measures, a facial recognition system was introduced in April this year.


Samsung believes it is our responsibility to hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards of labor practices. As part of this commitment and to pave the way for other companies, Samsung announced our Child Labor Prohibition Policy in China on June 27.


The policy was co-developed with Centre for Child Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility (CCR CSR) in China, which is owned by Save the Children Sweden. It is an example of our efforts to promote a level of compliance that meets the same high standards we maintain at our own facilities. For your information, the Policy can be downloaded in English at the site.


As ninety percent of our parts are uniquely supplied in-house by Samsung's own manufacturing facilities, we can directly provide world-class working conditions throughout our global network of manufacturing facilities and comply with international labor standards in all regions in which we operate.


With regard to the small share of parts that are supplied by external suppliers, we are moving as fast as possible to address the labor related issues that have been identified from our own and third-party audits and are providing trainings to enhance their capabilities.



  • Mr. Sam

    Also important is to cut costs in regions where Samsung Electronics’ operating costs are excessively high. In particular, Samsung’s working expenses are undermining Samsung Electronics’ profits margins, on a global scale.

  • Mr. Sam

    Also important is to cut costs in regions where Samsung Electronics’
    operating costs are excessively high: especially in W-EU countries such as BELGIUM, The NETHERLANDS, DENMARK and FRANCE. In particular, Samsung’s working
    expenses are undermining Samsung Electronics’ profits margins, on a
    global scale.

    • Chief Lee KH

      How is this post related to the contents of this article?

      • Mr. SAM

        Chief, there might be a secretive Edward Snowden-copycat in Samsung Electronics EU. Profits are falling at a rapid pace especially in EU, but Samsung managers wish to keep their post and monthly paychecks @SAMSUNG. Therefore, I suspect that these EU-based managers might have set up a FALSE FLAG operation to divert attention from EU-failures.

        • Chief Lee KH

          Do you have proof or well documented indications of that, servant?

          • Mr. SAM

            All observations from Samsung-related monitoring & surveillance activities carefully registered and all sent to 31+ Samsung contacts.

          • Chief Lee KH

            Ung. I already knew there is something FISHY going on at Samsung companies in EU. I’ll order my servants in SEOUL at once to start a secretive but full scale investigation!

          • Mr. SAM

            Good. I’ll take a screenshot of this online conversation. Some defiant managers within your most loyal ranks are doing all they can now to hide their tracks. Deleting on-the-topic, legitimate posts is one of the things they do. Please tell them to refrain from deleting useful and legitimate comments.

          • Chief Lee KH

            Sure. Anyone who deletes useful user / customer comments on MY SAMSUNG blogs will be SACKED immediately.

          • samsungtomorrow

            @Chief Lee KH, @Mr. SAM – In fear of losing our jobs, we decided to keep the comments. Please have mercy. But please DO note that our staff in EU are also doing their utmost best to keep up with the standards of Samsung, working hard to satisfy customers in their regions. We have the highest level of confidence in them.

          • Mr. SAM

            samsungtomorrow It is true that a majority: 80-89% of your staff @Samsung EU do their best, at least for as much as their skills allow it, to keep up with the standards of Samsung. However, after falling profits in 2014 Q1 and Q2, a few well-placed insiders view Samsung as a ‘sinking ship’ with the captain and ship staff, i.e. really skilled employees, trying to scurry to US, German, Japan or China tech enterprises. Before they try this, I should tell them that many Korean and foreigner staff at a Korean enterprise would never be found suitable for the US/German/Japan/China investment enterprise, because of the significant differences in organizational structure. Besides, many foreign employees at the Korean enterprise entered a Korean enterprise for the wrong reasons, e.g. Korean partner or married to the Korean spouse, obsessed fan of E-Asia because of some kind of exotic preference (but not man enough to enter the Chinese or Japanese enterprise), or positioned by a higher level manager because that manager loves his / her LGBT behavior. Now let’s hope that @samsungtomorrow’s high level of confidence in Samsung EU’s staff do not cause unexpected situations. Managers that are skilled enough to pose as hard-working, loyal and suitable staff are also capable of:

            1. engaging in false flag operations unnoticed, e.g. diverting attention from problems in EU by setting up a compromising operation in another region;

            2. leaking information, under diplomatic cover (E. Snowden-copycat), to smaller countries that are hungry for investments and intelligence that may benefit foreign inbound investment;

            3. secretly supplying or financing EU-citizenship Syria- or Iraq-terrorists and #terrorism in #EU for purpose of pure personal profit or clandestine retaliation versus highly skilled individuals who really care about Samsung Electronics.

            @samsungtomorrow:disqus : As you can see, S. Korea’s Samsung Electronics HQ faces plenty of challenges in the EU.