Samsung Introduces Its First Wearable Glove, Samsung Fingers

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Samsung Electronics, today, introduced Samsung Fingers, its first all-over-hand wearable device featuring a flexible Super Emo-LED for the technology-sensitive consumer. Samsung Fingers, Samsung’s first wearable glove, adds incomparable convenience and attention to everyday life with features tailored to help you better feel life.


Samsung Fingers is the slimmest (0.2mm) and lightest (1g) wearable glove by Samsung and comes with a wide 3 inch flexible UHD Super Emo-LED display. Combined with an advanced 16 megapixel camera, Samsung Fingers offers the best-looking selfies you get your hands on. Samsung Fingers also supports the latest, fastest networks including 5G and Wi-Fi 902.11wz so you can keep in touch with the latest. Boost your creativity with dedicated features such as Finger Painter and S-tut.



Innovation of the Human Hand


Samsung Fingers reinvents and modernizes the classic use of the human hand. Samsung Fingers is designed in a way that is very easy to pick up. With a simple and down-to-earth user interface, users can easily create a new way to use their own hands.


Samsung Fingers_Talk to the hand


*Talk To the Hand Samsung Fingers offers an innovative way to multitask communication offline. When a user is too engaged in a conversation with a person to add a third person into a communication, the user can have the person talk to the Samsung Fingers while the user enjoys ongoing conversation uninterrupted. Samsung Fingers will record and save the third person’s content, so that it can be viewed later at will.



Samsung Fingers_Palm-Rec


*Palm-Rec is considered to be one of the most innovative features in the wearable glove market today. When an object or other matter is placed on the Samsung Fingers, the super flexible and sensitive Emo-LED display and its sensor recognize it and give the user related information such as the status of the object and recommendation on what to do with it.


*ThermoPad enables users to maintain the temperature of certain type of products, such as beverages. The TermoPad manipulates the potential energy and kinetic energy of an object, (or thermal energy), to ensure the ideal temperature of the product as long as they have it in the hand (and the ThermoPad is activated). Users no longer have the risk of drinking a cup of room temperature coffee.



Samsung Fingers_Voice and Snap AMP


*Voice & Snap AMP (VSA) enables users to efficiently utilize their physical energy and reduce fatigue from trying to get attention. When Voice and Snap Amp is activated, users can increase the volume of their voice or snapping to the point where it overwhelms other people, much like a vuvuzela. For practical applications, please refer to Hans' quotes below.



Samsung Fingers_S charge


*S Charge offers an intuitive and innovative way to charge this wearable glove device. The device can be charged using solar power by conveniently and elegantly raising your hand towards the sun. It is one of the most eco-friendly ways to charge a wearable glove.





The new Samsung Fingers supports gyro, voice and gesture recognition sensors, which enable many unique functions. The advanced gesture recognition is designed to play a vital role in how users interface with the device, making all daily routines revolutionary with various input and control features.


Samsung Fingers_Gestures 01


*Make/Receive/Reject Calls

Samsung Fingers is all about keeping in touch. The device notifies users of incoming calls, texts and ChatON messages, emails and other alerts of the like. Through a combination of more than 25 appropriate finger gestures, users can discretely accept or blatantly ignore those messages.



Samsung Fingers_Gestures 02


*Flatulence Auditory Reproduction

The built-in speaker and mic of the Samsung Fingers is capable of auditory reproductions. This feature is activated when you pull a designated finger of Samsung Fingers. When the appropriate gesture is made, it is able to reproduce the sound of flatulence. This feature is highly recommended for users under 10 years old or who desire to be alone in his or her surroundings.


*S Laser

Not inspired by a certain super hero who was bit by a crawling creature and shoots webs out of his palm, S Lasor sets up perfectly for the next generation of display technology for wearable gloves. By simply stretching his arm out while holding his third and fourth finger against his palm and keeping the rest of the fingers straight, users can project his current display on the Samsung Fingers to a wall or pretty much any object with a surface.


More gestures to become available with upcoming firmware updates.





Giving consumers choice is of the utmost importance at Samsung. So, though Samsung Fingers is perfect as it is, we also added two more innovative variations to the portfolio.


Samsung Fingers_Variations


Samsung Fingers Tough


All Samsung Fingers are tough and rugged, but this variation takes being tough to a whole new level. While keeping all the intricate technology and sophisticated linings, Samsung Fingers Tough shows how tough wearable technology can get. Being tough has never been easier, Samsung Fingers Tough, we guarantee, have the biggest studs you can find on wearable gloves. So, whether you feel like riding, or even if you’re just nestling in your den, stud up and toughen up with Samsung Fingers Tough. Don’t be afraid to intimidate people.



Samsung Fingers Class


Pour la haute société. Samsung Fingers Class adds a suave velvety touch to the latest of technology. An enhanced Emo-LED sensor offers all the sensitivity and silky-smooth touch you can dream of. Waltz back into the age of evening gloves and enjoy the romance. See what a strategically placed Samsung ribbon can do?



Samsung Fingers_Specifications



Endorsements by CIPs*:


Hans Enormous, VP of Product UX, IWGA

"IWGA, International Wearable Glove Association, has been working closely with Samsung for a while. We are not surprised by the new innovative wearable glove by Samsung at all. All of the key features of the Samsung Fingers seem to provide excellent user experience. Personally, I cannot wait to use ‘Voice and Snap Amp’ at a bar where I have a hard time getting the bartenders attention. I mean what does a man have to do get some fresh beer? This will really change the way how men and bartenders interact. I’m excited”


 Mahan Knot Yohan, CEO, Thums Up LLC.

“Thums Up is delighted to be one of Samsung’s key partners in bringing the Samsung Fingers to the wearable glove market. We at Thums Up have extremely high standards for quality products, so we normally don’t give out thumbs up easily, but as a CEO of Thums Up, I would like to give the Samsung Fingers two thumbs up. We are especially excited about the Flatulence auditory reproduction function of the Samsung Fingers that Samsung and Thums Up co-developed. It is going to give to give a whole different meaning to giving a thumbs up.”


Oracle Sohn, Founder and CEO, Futuristic Fingers Inc

“Samsung Fingers gives birth to so many possibilities it’s mind-blowing. We’re working closely with Samsung to add an automated Rock-Paper-Scissors Reactor and Palm-Reader to Palm-Rec. We expect to bring this to market in the near future.”


To add to the efforts to make more things wearable, Samsung has also announced its plan to develop wearable socks with Nationally Accredited Socks Institute, NASTI.



*CIP stands for Conveniently Inexistent Person.

** All functionality, features, specifications, and other product information provided in this article including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

*** Actually, as most of you will have noticed, this is not a real product or concept by Samsung at all – at least not yet. Happy April Fools'!

(Special thanks to TNW for pointing out the typo. What would we do without you.)


Co-written by Editors A and ASyk

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    I hate April Fool’s Day. Seriously.

    Hate it.

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      Egyptian ex-president Mubarak wishes Erdoğan much success in internet blocking…

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    Happy fools day

  • Denis Zvaric

    It’s actually great ideas … I love it tho …. I’m not a Samsung fan at all but if Samsung would make this product I would get it and move to Samsung device z and support them too … Because I love to see futuristic phones but specially phone in the glove, I think that would be a hit … And needs to be affordable to people too … Also it’s just a shame thats a prank on people because I got really excited over this prank ….

  • Toya Muyani


    The part where I realized this is a big April Fools Day Joke,

    Could you imagine Apple inventing something with fart feature?


    • Concerned

      you really got that far before you realized it was an april fools joke?

  • Shervin

    Samsung can’t make this because they have to wait for Apple to make it so they can copy of Apple to get it right. Ohhhhhh, Burn….

    • Concerned

      Keywords being “get it right”
      I think the marketing strategy of waiting for apple to do something terribly and then do it better works wonderfully!

      • EducatedToPerform

        If you COPY something ‘terrible’, the copy would also be terrible.

    • Sam

      Just like Samsung had to wait for Apple to make TV’s, digital cameras, and home appliances so that Samsung could copy them to get those right, right? Oh wait…What you meant to say was “Apple has to wait for Samsung to develop and manufacture the parts so that Apple can buy them and put them in their iDevice” like Apple has been doing for years.

      • EducatedToPerform

        In the same way Ferrari have to wait for their little suppliers to build the parts they order them to make to their design.

        Samsung only get the business because Apple chooses them, they aren’t a dependency. Ironically, that’s how Samsung got inside info on Apple in the first place in order to copy them.

        And actually, while Apple designs their own CPU and then gets Samsung to manufacture it for them, Samsung doesn’t even design their own.

        As for TV’s, Digital Cameras and home appliances, yes – Samsung don’t copy those. But phones? Wouldn’t really fit in that list of examples..

        • tacobravo

          Actually Samsung designs their own based off of ARM technologies just like Apple but Samsung actually manufactures them. Also Apple was looking into other Fab manufacturers and they couldn’t manufacture their chips to their specs so they went back to Samsung.

          • EducatedToPerform

            No, actually, Samsung doesn’t. They license the ARM Cortex-A9 and embed that into their processors, such as the Exynos 4 Quad. This is what Apple used to do, but from the A6 they no longer license the CPU design like Samsung does.

            Apple designed their own A6 and A7 CPU’s from scratch, just using the ARM instruction set.

            And Apple is indeed looking to move manufacturing elsewhere, and have already started to place orders with other manufacturers other than Samsung. Samsung is just one of many companies who manufacture other companies’ designs.

        • Sam

          You have yet to refute anything I said. Your reply was unnecessary. My point was Apple has to wait for Samsung (and Sony) because they don’t manufacture their own parts, not the other way around. Apple is dependent on Samsung because no other company can meet their needs at the moment. And it’s not just CPU’s that Apple buys from Samsung. Apple also buys displays, RAM, and SSD modules from Samsung. The iPhone camera is made by Sony.

          Also, Samsung has been making phones since the mid 90’s. They didn’t need Apple to get over 50% of the CDMA market share (they didn’t make GSM phones yet) in 1999. But as for SMARTphones, tell me exactly what ideas Samsung copied that Apple didn’t already copy? You are a fool if you think the iPhone was an original idea. All of these companies all take ideas from each other. Please go do some research. “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” – Steve Jobs.

          • EducatedToPerform

            Just like Ferrari have to wait for their little suppliers (which they select) to create a Ferrari. It doesn’t mean it isn’t Ferrari’s car or that the little supplier is necessary to produce the car. All of the value is in Ferrari’s design, who makes it to that blue print is just a case of economics and scale. And other companies are starting to be able to meet that need, and certainly could if Apple really wanted to invest in them. Apple is CHOOSING to continue using Samsung (as one of SEVERAL suppliers) while they continue to offer great yields, but they have plenty of money to finance growth of Samsung’s rivals. Displays come from a variety of suppliers, SSD’s too. RAM is the only Samsung exclusive, hardly significant.

            When Samsung started making phones is irrelevant. Saying that Apple had nothing on the iPhone that wasn’t copied just underlines what an uninformed troll you are, and it’s trolls like you spreading uninformed nonsense which makes my reply necessary. Companies take ideas from each other, that doesn’t mean they copy whole product lines. As for the ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal’ comment – you further underline your ignorance regurgitating likes like that out of context, when in actual fact Jobs was talking about artists and scientists applying knowledge from their respective fields to the phone.

            Just go and educate yourself.

          • Sam

            Are you that dense? The original comment I responded to said “Samsung can’t make this because they have to wait for Apple to make it…” My entire point was that Apple more likely would have to wait for Samsung, not the other way around. You chiming in with your Ferrari selecting suppliers analogy is useless to the point I am making, as is discussing what Apple could do but aren’t doing for reasons and factors you and I may have not been presented with.

            Then you go and twist my words and drag me into this other argument I didn’t even want to touch because there’s no getting through to people like you. I never said Apple had nothing on the iPhone that wasn’t copied. I asked you to tell me what Samsung copied from iPhone that Apple didn’t copy themselves from somewhere. Now, you are saying Samsung copied Apple’s whole product line, which is just stupid. You are acting like the iPhone was built in a vacuum.

            Also, no. That’s not what the quote means. Jobs was talking about this: “…I think the underlying idea is that you can’t do great design by copying something because you aren’t going to care about it. If you take something and make it your own, what really happens is now you care about that design. It’s your design and that is the dividing line between copying and stealing.” -Bud Tribble, Apple’s vice president of software technology. This is still copying ideas, just packaging it in a way that conforms to your companies design. With that said, Most all tech companies do this (look up Steve Jobs and Xerox), but there’s a sudden outrage when Samsung does.

            “Just go and educate yourself.” No need to essentially say what I said to you, back to me. As if you aren’t blindly defending Apple and I’m just a dumb troll. I can give you some links to things you really need to look at if you’d like.

          • EducatedToPerform

            And your original comment is still wrong. Apple doesn’t ‘HAVE’ to wait for Samsung when it comes to the design of their product, which is what the person to whom you replied was saying. And if they CHOSE, which is my point to you, is that they wouldn’t have to involve Samsung at all.

            And what Apple ‘could’ do is exactly relevant, because you’re claiming they HAVE to wait for Samsung, which states not only what choice they made, but that they necessarily had to.

            You claim the iPhone wasn’t an original idea and for that to be true, none of it could be original. Now, you may struggle with English and so you may not have noticed what you were claiming – but that’s why I’m here, to educate you.

            And yes, that IS what the Jobs quote means. You quoting Bud Tribble, in an attempt to claim what JOBS was saying, is ridiculous. To quote JOBS in full:

            “Ultimately it [creativity] comes down to taste,” he explained. It comes down to trying expose yourself to the best things humans have done and then try to bring those things into what you’re doing. Picaso had a saying, good artists copy, great artists steal. We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas and i think part of what made the Macintosh great as that the people working on it were musicians, poets and artists and zoologists and historians who also happen to be the best computer scientists in the world.”

            Now if you weren’t so challenged when it comes to the English language, you would understand that this has nothing to do with copyright infringement, or even copying competitors. And an interpretation from someone else at Apple doesn’t change that. It’s about building in expertise from other fields and applying it to a consumer product.

            ‘As if you aren’t blindly defending Apple and I’m just a dumb troll.’

            No, you really are a dumb troll. You’ve made all kinds of incorrect claims in a Samsung lover frenzy, and I’ve simply pointed out the factual reality in all cases. The Steve Jobs quote is a perfect example of an ignorant troll just reeling off all the one lines he failed to understand as possible.

            And the point remains, Samsung is a manufacturer for Apple by Apple’s own selection so they don’t ‘HAVE’ to wait for Samsung, they CHOOSE to select Samsung as ONE OF MANY of their suppliers. And the point also remains that your argument represents a fundamental failure to understand that the topic at hand was the design of a product, not manufacturing.

          • Sam

            …And I’m still waiting on those ideas that Samsung copied. But at this point, don’t even bother. I am done. You are obviously incapable of logical discussion. So much red herring, leaving out things I said, and pointlessly trying to argue semantics. The amount of mental gymnastics you go through makes me embarrassed for you. Have a good one.

          • EducatedToPerform

            You didn’t just claim that Samsung didn’t copy, you claimed that the iPhone wasn’t original. That’s the part I was disputing. Talk about ‘mental gymnastics’. As for the parts Samsung DID copy (of which I have not spoken at all so far) – just look at the trial which they lost against Apple.

            And I’m not ‘arguing semantics’ – I’m teaching you to speak properly. If you can’t use words properly it’s your own fault when they mean something you later claim you didn’t mean.

          • tacobravo

            “If Android is a “stolen product,” then so was the iPhone” and read the ArsTechnica article and see for yourself.

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    I did however realise from the start, it was some sort of joke. (It just didn’t dawn on me what the date was, It’s too early & I’ve not had my cup of tea yet)

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    Be careful Samsung…because Apple will claim the wearable glove is their design and sue you.
    Samsung had a TV ad shown just in Korea about the wearable glove. Rumors are they have a team of 500 person design team dedicated to this innovative opportunity. I saw the ad and all the sexy Asian girls were calling boyfriends with their glove.

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