Samsung and Amazon join forces with Kindle for Samsung

April 17, 2014 | Comments | Tomorrow Works


  • Samsung and Amazon agreed to launch ‘Kindle for Samsung’, a custom-built eBook service offering millions of best-selling books, newspapers and magazines on readers’ mobile devices including over 500,000 exclusive titles.
  • Samsung and Amazon will also launch Samsung Book Deals, a service providing 12 free eBooks a year to all Kindle for Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet users.
  • Kindle for Samsung is available in over 90 countries from Samsung apps.



Samsung and Amazon join forces with Kindle for Samsung


New eBook service brings millions of books, magazines and newspapers to smart devices in the UK


Samsung Electronics and Amazon announced a broad agreement to launch Kindle for Samsung, a custom-built eBook service. The app will debut in April starting with the Galaxy S5 along with existing Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets above Android 4.0 worldwide. As part of the service, Amazon and Samsung will launch Samsung Book Deals, available to all customers using Kindle for Samsung.


Samsung Book Deals provides up to 12 free eBooks a year to all referred Galaxy device’s customers who use the service. Users can choose a free book from a selection of four different titles every month. Each book is chosen specifically for Galaxy smartphone and tablet users from a wide selection of prominent titles.


“We are delighted to be able to deepen our long-standing relationship with Amazon and offer Kindle for Samsung as the perfect app for reading on a smart device. With this service we demonstrate our commitment to creating and broadening key content partnerships that deliver rich and personalized experiences for our customers,” said Lee Epting, Vice President, Samsung’s Media Solution Center Europe.


“We’re thrilled that Samsung has chosen Kindle as their eBook provider,” said Jorrit Van der Meulen, Vice President, EU Kindle. “With Kindle for Samsung, people around the world will have instant access to the best digital bookstore and reading experience, including more than half a million titles that are only available from the Kindle Store, and innovative features like Whispersync, Time to Read and much more.”


Kindle for Samsung offers readers millions of best-selling books, newspapers and magazines on their mobile devices including over 500,000 titles which are exclusive to the Kindle Store. Other features include Whispersync, which saves and synchronizes the last page read across devices, so that a reader can always pick up wherever they left off. Time to Read shows how much time it will take to finish a chapter or a book based on personalized reading speed. Worry-Free Archive automatically backs up the user’s Kindle books to the cloud, so that they never need to worry about losing their books.


Kindle for Samsung is immediately available in over 90 countries from Samsung apps.



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  • system.img

    Good news for Samsung Tablet owners.

    • samsungtomorrow

      We’re glad to help our tablet users, @systemimg:disqus! We hope you will enjoy using the app!

  • Jay Malhotra

    When will it be launching in indonesia? It will be a very useful app for my medical books

    • samsungtomorrow

      Hi @jay Malhotra — Our Indonesian Customer and Support team will have the latest information about that. Please ask them by visiting Hope this app will be useful for your medical studies! =)

  • kpjackson

    I know it’s a longshot, but does this happen to include the Galaxy Nexus?

    • samsungtomorrow

      Hi @kpjackson:disqus — our local team will be able to answer your question. Please ask our team by visiting, choosing the country you reside in, and clicking on Contact Us, which is on the bottom right corner of the page. Hope this helps!

  • Peter

    Not seeing this app yet on my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. Been checking the Samsung App store daily….

    • samsungtomorrow

      We’re sorry to keep you waiting, @disqus_XPbelaha8N:disqus. FYI, you can also download the app from the Android market. Please do so if you want to use the app now. Thank you.

  • Peter

    Not seeing this app in the Android market either. I’m in the US, by the way. Thank you.

  • Jerry Malinab

    w2ow sweet innovation …. play it boom bbcode…… JM…

  • mike

    How come none of the books for the kindle are available in this country for the Samsung galaxy s5 (UK)

  • Ekpenyonganwan Anam

    Am a Nigerian and also reside in Nigeria but my phone was bought in US. Pls my galaxy s5 home page setting has change and some of my application is in a language I don’t know. When I on/off my phone, it will show android instead of Samsung galaxy s5 when on or Samsung when off as before. Am confuse, what should I do. Email me please: ekpenyonganwananam@yahoo. com. Thanks