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Note is Art: Sketch your dream on GALAXY Note

Note is Art: Sketch your dream on GALAXY Note

What you draw with your GALAXY Note may someday be hanging on a gallery wall! The top 5 submissions to the GALAXY Note creation competition displayed at the ‘Note is Art’ gallery in Seoul, South Korea. The Top 5 were selected from a number of separate categories, divided between professional & amateur participants, as well as public participants. The pieces were judged based on creation, expression, and usability of GALAXY Note and ‘S pen.’ They were displayed in our Seoul gallery. If you think the outside looks impressive, just wait until you see the inside!




You know that you’re in for something exciting before you even step in the gallery. And the art featured throughout does not disappoint! Here are some of the pieces on a gallery wall.





Let’s take a closer look. Isn’t it amazing that these pieces were created with the GALAXY Note?  This is where technology and creativity truly collide.





The Top 5 submissions from professional and amateur artists were recreated and displayed by Modern Art Writer, Yeondo Jung. He reenacts the images by setting up the displayed artwork in real life. To get a better idea of the process, take a look at this video of his work process, ‘Parallel Universe’. Although there aren’t any English subtitles, it’s easy to get the idea of what he’s doing, and the process is amazing!





If you’re interesting in media artworks of Top 2 media artists, check out this video.




As you can see, the tools needed to create high-quality works of art are easily available with the Galaxy Note. The only limit is your imagination!



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