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Insight into GALAXY Camera (3)

Insight into GALAXY Camera (3)

Today, we have guest blogger Hyunjun Lee writing about his experiences with the GALAXY Camera.


Hi! Today, I brought the last episode of my GALAXY Camera review. I hope it wasn’t too long a wait for you. On this episode, I’d like to show you more pictures of GALAXY Cameras’ pop colors and its accessories.



What’s your choice, black or white?


The GALAXY Camera comes in two main colors, black or white. You may notice later in this review that there are more pretty colored GALAXY Cameras, but the colored cameras are just pilots to gauge consumer response.


Well, these are the two main colors for now. So let’s take a closer look at what’s available.



This front shot gives you a pretty good idea of the feel for the new GALAXY. As far as style, the white is a little more upbeat, while black comes off as calmer. Your preference definitely depends on your personality, but personally I dig a more retro style and black suits my taste a little better.



If you look really closely on black camera, you’ll see that it’s actually more of a blue black than a dark black. Still, I definitely prefer black.



If you flip over the white and black GALAXY, it’s pretty much impossible to tell them apart.



Let’s take a tour of the GALAXY landscape.  Pictured above, the top is designed to be simple and easy to use.  You can see this design strategy from all sides.



Now that I’ve given you the full tour, let’s put the two side-by-side and let you decide.



So, which one is on your mind?



GALAXY Camera Measurements


Much to the envy of my fellow bloggers at IFA, I seemed to be the only one who brought measurement equipment. Hopefully these will give you a better idea of how the camera feels and holds.



It’s quite heavy at 310g, and most of the weight is held in the optical system for the lens. Well, a good camera needs good lens.



The official specifications said it was 19.1mm at the thinnest. I think this is close enough.



Being a camera, it is thicker at the grip. The thickest part was measured at 27mm.



GALAXY Camera Accessories


Despite a relatively short development period, the GALAXY Camera was released with quite a large collection of accessory products. Cameras need a good case, and users have plenty to choose from with GALAXY.



For carrying cases, two main designs are offered in a variety of colors. However, there were plenty of additional options.



Also, on display were flip cover and wallet cases, as well as rapid shooting cases, straps, filters, cross bags and plenty of other gear.



It’s easy to see that the company has high expectations for the GALAXY camera.  If you don’t believe me, just keep reading! You haven’t seen anything yet.



It doesn’t really matter that the GALAXY only comes in black and white at the moment, since there’s a rainbow of cases to choose from. 



What else do you need? Strobes, view finders, external flashes, filter adapters and such are also available.



Here are some of the camera kits you may have already seen on Engadget.



Except for the tripod, these cameras look a little like prototypes. But as mentioned earlier, Samsung’s high expectations for this product may actually see these going on sale.



Additional Colors of GALAXY Camera



Sorry. Although a greater variety of colors were displayed at the site, they are not yet confirmed for release. As I mentioned above, consumer response is still being measured, so for the moment you’ll need a colorful case. Judging by the IFA crowd though, orange was the most popular of these.



GALAXY Camera Hands-On Videos


You’re probably at least a little bit curious about the actual manipulation of GALAXY Camera and the shooting speed. So I got the video to show you. 



The video above shows an autofocus (AF) performance test. You can see that the AF speed is faster than you might think. According to an associate, this is still a prototype, and will become faster on actual release.



I also got the chance to do a zoom test. On zoom, the scale is displayed on the screen, and you can see that AF works fine even on the maximum zoom.



Thoughts and perspectives on GALAXY Camera as a blogger 



You first need to have a clear understanding of the product concept before judging this product. The quality of images aren’t as good as the mirrorless cameras and the size isn’t exactly ideal to use like a smartphone.


But that’s not the point. Many people who take pictures nowadays intend to share their experiences on social media instead of just jamming the pictures in their PCs. Smartphones have good cameras and a lot of people stopped using separate cameras because of that. But in my experience, there comes a point where you need a real ‘camera’ so you can take really good pictures. But on the other hand the thing about cameras was that you needed to transfer your files before you could put them up on the net or the cloud. The Galaxy Camera lets you do both without hassle.



For me personally, I spend a lot of time reviewing and researching restaurants and venues on various social network services, and believe it or not, my hit rate is pretty high. To make sure that I’m getting my reviews out first, it’s important to be able to upload better photos faster. This brought me the need for a better photo quality and faster uploading speed. Maybe for all bloggers!


GALAXY Camera is for those just like me. It automatically uploads high-quality photos to cloud services faster than others.



One downside of this product is that it cannot have a phone number. The telecommunication companies wants to market this with data plans rather than phone plans. But we’ll have to see how this plays out.


Also, the quality of images aren’t as good as the mirrorless cameras like the NX1000, which also has WiFi connection (though not as convenient)


Well, Samsung never said they won’t make a mirrorless camera with Android (which would probably make me happy). This is the last part of my review. The conclusion about the GALAXY Camera is up to you. My recommendation? If you have chance to have hands-on experience, go for it! 


Hyunjun Lee:

*The content on the blog is based on individual opinion and does not represent the position, strategy, or opinions of Samsung Electronics.