Hands-on Videos from Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012

August 30, 2012 | Comments | Tomorrow Works


Samsung Tomorrow, yesterday, featured the first of Samsung’s two major unveiling events at IFA 2012 – Samsung Mobile Unpacked Episode 2. Have you checked out Samsung’s new products? What were your favorites?


There were specs, there were images and there were live footages of the unveiling moments. Today, we would like to share some hands-on action straight from Berlin. Check out what Samsung Mobile, Engadget, Android Central and The Verge had to say about the newly announced GALAXY Note II, GALAXY Camera, ATIV Smart PC Pro, and ATIV Tab.




GALAXY Note II (by Samsung Mobile





GALAXY Note II (by Engadget)





GALAXY Camera (by Android Central)





ATIV Smart PC Pro (by The Verge)





ATIV Tab (by The Verge)



If you were excited about what we Unpacked yesterday, don’t miss today’s action. The Samsung Press Conference at IFA 2012 will be broadcasted live here at 11AM CEST(Berlin).


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  • raj

    When note2 will be on market?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tuchlei.mihai Mihai Tuchlei

    hey look at the last video embeded !!! there is a iPhone video :))))    wtf ?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • http://twitter.com/nkumar_ Nitish Kumar ™

    Samsung stop copy paste job

  • Baek Park

    Samsung the Imitator. Never the innovator. Samsung great at selling many devices fast. It is easy for them. They just quickly copy and duplicate whatever Apple creates from the past year. Samsung does not need to spend money for R&D. Why do research when Samsung can just steal others ideas?

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  • James

    On what date will the Samsung Galaxy S4 handset become available in the USA?

  • James Carver, Georgia USA

    I hope that when you update your Galaxy S3 handset that the S4 will have a case and buttons with class to remove the kids high school calculator look, and a GPU and speed equal to or better than the IPhone 5. You do this and the Apple will have been eaten! What are you waiting for!