[Infograhic] Evolution of Samsung TV Remote Controls

January 1, 2014 | Comments | Tomorrow Works

Samsung Tomorrow at CES 2014

It really wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we were to say that one of the most underrated features of TVs has been the remote control. For example, imagine all the time of agony you had to suffer because you just couldn’t find that remote control when your favorite show was on TV. Remote controls are definitely a must have item, if you are a TV owner. (So, don’t lose it!)


As Samsung’s most recent 110” UHD TV suggests, Samsung TVs have evolved tremendously over the years. Consequently, Samsung remote controls also have been evolving at a similar pace, but often times their effort went unnoticed. Therefore, we decided to take a moment for our dear friends, the remote controls, and give them the recognition they deserve. Refer to the infographic below to witness the evolution of Samsung TV remote controls. 


Evolution of Samsung TV Remote Controls


*The information above is based on models released in the Korean market. Actual details including, but not limited to, specs, features, design, and release date may differ. 


  • http://www.inceptional.com iNCEPTIONAL

    I still can’t believe these people can’t come up with a remote that isn’t just convoluted garbage for the most part.

    My own design is still leagues ahead of this garbage imo; It’s far simpler looking and yet offers the potential for FAR FAR more functionality.

    • عبدالوهاب هوساوي

      Did u try it? if the answer is no then shut up

      • http://www.inceptional.com iNCEPTIONAL

        I don’t have to try it.

        I can SEE the design is convoluted crap.

        • عبدالوهاب هوساوي

          Not everything is like what it seems

          Yes the remote doesn’t look like the best thing ever but don’t forget this is a teaser so this not everything

          Maybe I’m wrong maybe I’m right we have to wait until they reveal there new tvs after to 2 days

    • dloock

      I would like to see your remote design that you are talking about. Sounds interesting.

  • alabnb

    The main bad thing in the 2013 remote is that it lacks FF/Rewind and Stop/Pause/Start buttons, which you need to watch DVR and USB-stick movies.

  • http://flipperremote.com/ Limpin Larrys

    It also bridges TV with Twitter directly, creating a new world of data on how tweets can drive TV viewing.

    • samsungtomorrow

      We like your vision @Limpin Larrys !