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Europe All-Star Final of Angry Birds in London

Europe All-Star Final of Angry Birds in London

Since its first release in November 2009, Angry Birds has been downloaded over 1 billion times around the world, making it one of the most successful mobile games. 



We’re betting you are one of the one billion and counting players who enjoys Angry Birds on their smartphones… but have you ever tried to play it on the Samsung SMART TV?


Earlier this year, the world was introduced to the motion-recognition SMART TV Angry Birds game, making not only the game, but also the Smart TV more popular.



Fascination with and adoration of Angry Birds led to the first ever ‘Angry Birds Europe All Star Final.’  This contest, held in London on December 13th, brought together 90 participants from 19 different countries.  All the participants had passed through their regional preliminaries, and the stage was set for a fierce competition. 



A large Samsung logo greeted teams at the entrance of a hotel located near the Chelsea Soccer Stadium, which hosted the event.


The international teams came from numerous different countries, including Serbia, England, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain, Hungry and many more! A total of 76 participants from 19 countries arrived. Participants ranged in age, from teens to people in their 50s.



The contest was set up almost like a scavenger hunt – at various locations, participants had to play Angry Birds and find the hidden Golden Egg, and along the way they ran into other Angry Birds characters. In addition to the key locations, participants had to take photos at locations such as red telephone box, two-story bus, car, subway and etc.


On the day of the event, all of the participants gathered in their teams beforehand. 



There were approximately 90 participants. They are the representatives of SMART TV!


The first spot to visit and play Angry Birds was the Korean Cultural Centre



Even though it had just started, participants were already enjoying the competition. 



After the first game, participating teams raced on to the next location carrying envelopes with their team names printed on the outside.



The Germany Team taking a photo with the two-story bus which is a trademark of London. Their enthusiasm shines through in this photo! 



How many Germans can you fit in a red telephone box?



At Trafalgar Square, it was time to find a Golden egg. The German team took a shot with a person in the Golden egg costume. 



During a quick break, an interview with the German team was held.


A green pig was at the London Eye.



The French team found the green pig and got some great photos! 



This is a photo of a team from the Netherlands with a green pig in front of the London Eye. The green pig relayed the location of the next game to the participants, who hurried on.  



In the real game, the green pigs are enemies, but here, the green pig looks more like a friend.


The next location was Piccadilly Circus, which is also known as the Times Square of England. The place is not where a circus is performed, but it is called ‘circus’ because it is a circular plaza. The place was crowded with people, especially young people.


Would there be a Golden Egg here?



It’s right over there, on the giant screen!


Photos were quickly taken to catch the elusive Golden Egg, which appeared only once in almost an hour. 



When would the Golden Egg appear again? The red bird is suffering!



The red bird and green pig did a great job in freezing cold weather in the middle of Piccadilly Circus.



Next up was the British Museum.


Because the event was expected to have strong marketing effects, the participants filmed their adventures around the events at various locations of London.


The British Museum, which is known as one of the three top museums of the world, had an LFD (Large Format Display) located at the entrance of the museum. The Display was provided by Samsung in 2008 and 2010. With the Magic Info, which is a display operating solution that allows one to organize the display in real-time and creates contents based on the 24 monitors?


London’s various locations held Angry Birds games via Samsung SMART TV and Golden Egg finding events. The day was an exciting one thanks to the enthusiastic participants.



Our company’s Europe RHQ has promoted region-close marketing strategies in Europe so that the brand can become more familiar to the people. Exciting events like ‘Angry Birds All-Star Final’ are expected to make Samsung SMART TV more familiar to the consumers of Europe, while providing a lot of laughs and adventure.