April 1, 2012 | Comments |


Hello, dear readers. I am deeply saddened to
Announce today that we will be closing our blog.
Past week
s viewership have been too low for us to

Persist in maintaining the URL.  
Your understanding will be appreciated.


Although weve had some interesting and exciting
Posts in the past, it is no longer financially
Reasonable for us to continue maintenance of this blog.
I am personally very disappointed that there is   
Little to be done about this unfortunate turn of events.


Finally wed like to offer our condolences to
Of course our writing staff as well as
Our administrative staff that will have very
Little to live on now that they
ve been
Set off without any compensation.


Despite our best efforts to save the blog,
All have been lost.
Your offers of charity will be appreciated.


Happy April Fools Day !