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Breaking Boundaries with GALAXY Note 10.1

Breaking Boundaries with GALAXY Note 10.1

Today, we have guest blogger  Congdak Mom writing about her experiences with the GALAXYS III.


If you haven’t had a chance to try the S Pen feature of the new GALAXY Note 10.1, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to create content with a versatile tool.  It’s simple to use, and the benefits of the S Pen combined with the larger screen of the GALAXY Note 10.1 will have you wondering how you could have used anything else! With the larger screen, GALAXY Note is easier to use, and with the S Pen it can feel like you are drawing pictures in a sketchbook instead of a tablet.  Of course, there’s no messy erasing, and with the improved S Pen Recognition on the screen you have greater control.  Let’s take a look at how it works.



The shape of the S Pen has changed from previous models. It is thicker and longer than the S Pen of GALAXY NoteThe current S Pen is 6.5 mm thick with a length of 116mm, which is a small but noticeable difference from the previous size of 5.5mm x 104mm.  The new S Pen feels more like holding a pencil, making it a more familiar size and shape and allowing for greater control.



The GALAXY Note 10.1 S Pen also has both rubber and plastic tips so that you can alternate between the two. The two different tips provide different writing experiences, giving the user more power to create what they want.



The pictures above show the two tips, with the rubber tip on the left and the plastic on the right. The rubber tip has a softer feeling that is similar to using a pen. However, the plastic tip has a slightly harder feel, making it easier to write but may feel a little slippery. The ring-shaped exchanger pictured below is used to change the tips.



As you can see from the pictures above, there are many diverse brushes available for the S Pen. It is possible to choose the types of pen and colors, and depending on the power of your arms and hands you can write or draw with different styles and feelings. The choices available make this an ideal platform for those that love drawing or illustration, but the versatility of the GALAXY Note 10.1 makes it appealing to a wide audience.


Another advantage with the GALAXY Note 10.1 is the S Pen Recognition function. When using the GALAXY  Note 10.1, if you choose the pen-shaped icon pictured above, touching your hand with the screen will not affect your picture. The S Pen is your controller, and you do not have to worry about mistakes caused by accidentally touching the screen. Through this amazing function, it really feels similar to using a pen on paper.


Although the S Pen was included with the GALAXY Note, the upgraded version with 10.1 really allows the user to control functions and output with more precision and comfort.


Finally, a great function of this new model is the S Pen application. Using the button located on the S Pen, when you find an image that you want to move, it’s easy to capture that image and paste it into S Note. With a click of the button, the image screen is captured, and you can manipulate the image as you like. Note how easy it is to paste and move images, adding it to larger pieces or letting it stand alone. The GALAXY Note can function as a sketchbook, but has so much more to offer.



With its larger size and greater functionality, the GALAXY Note 10.1 offers limitless possibilities for creating images. A vast improvement over a backpack full of pens and sketchbooks, the Note allows for freedom of expression in a compact, easy-to-use package. You’ll never need another notebook!


Congdak Mom:


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