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About Us

Welcome to Samsung Tomorrow, the Samsung Electronics Official Global Blog. This blog, managed by the Corporate Communications Team at Samsung Electronics HQ located in Seoul, is where you can tap into stories from Samsung Electronics – about our culture, our works(products and services), and our people.


This is where we will share stories about the culture of Samsung Electronics. Ranging from management philosophy to our human resources to our sponsorship of sporting events to Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives; these features will help you better understand what the Samsung spirit is all about.


There are many business divisions within Samsung Electronics including Digital Appliances, Digital Imaging, IT Solutions, LCD, Mobile, Networking, Semiconductors and Visual Display. In this section, we will introduce our latest products and services, and share the innovation stories behind them.


Samsung Electronics is made up of people who come from diverse cultures. Through the blog, we would like to expand our horizons by listening to what you have to say, and sharing our thoughts with you.



So, Samsung Tomorrow will highlight key facts, stories and insights from Samsung Electronics. We aim to deliver exclusive information, opinions and occasional clarifications to you in a timely fashion. While we’re at it, this is how we plan to run it:


Everyone is welcome
We believe that we are all part of the global online community. As we share our news, thoughts and stories, we invite you to freely join us in this dialogue. (Just make sure you stay polite and constructive when you do so. For details, please refer to our Terms of Use.)


We are all ears
We understand and respect the fact that people have different opinions, and are free to express them. This is not a one-way communication channel where we merely post our messages and share our views. We aim to listen and engage with you in constructive discussion.


We will be honest
Transparency and Honesty are two very important values that the Corporate Communications Team practices in all our engagement efforts. In the same way, all our communications in the online space will be clear and transparent.



Alright, now, we would like to point out two more things before posting this article.


We have feelings
Yes values your opinion, but please be courteous when you present it. Even if you disagree with us, or anyone else on the blog, please be respectful.


This is not a Customer Service site
Of course we’ll try to provide you with answers to your questions and/or redirect them to the respective managers-in-charge, but we would like to remind you that Samsung Tomorrow is not a customer service site. It will be very difficult for us to take care of ALL questions about ALL of our products and services from ALL around the world all at once. If you have issues with our products, please contact your local Service Centers for assistance.



Guess that’s it. Thank you for bearing with me through this long intro. Now please, enjoy Samsung Tomorrow and join us in make it a richer experience for all.


June 30, 2011


For more information about our Legal Information, please refer to the Terms of Use.


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