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Welcome to Samsung Tomorrow, the Official Global Blog of Samsung Electronics. This blog is managed by the Corporate Communications Team at Samsung Electronics HQ in Korea so visitors can be sure all the information published is accurate and up-to-date. Get the latest stories from Samsung Electronics delivered in a convenient, easy-to-read design.



Read about the biggest and latest innovations from Samsung Electronics. Samsung is dedicated to operating with transparency, upholding its company values. With a mission to develop technology for a better world, this section will help visitors understand Samsung’s philosophy.



Samsung Electronics is made up of a diverse group of talent who have a strong sense of social responsibility. Samsung strives to improve the quality of life all over the world, including areas of education, health, community and the environment.



Find an in-depth look at the latest products and the innovative stories behind them, with sections for mobile, TV & audio, home appliances, cameras & computing, B2B, semiconductors and more.



Visit the Newsroom for the latest news: press releases, official statements & FAQs, fast facts and investor information from Samsung Electronics.


Samsung Views

Discover the ideas behind the brand. Read editorials and interviews with innovators and industry leaders.


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