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A Look back @ CES 2013

A Look back @ CES 2013

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 may be over, but we’re not done talking about it yet! While it only lasted for 4 days at Las Vegas, there were so many products to see, touch, and explore, that we are still basking in the glow. Oh, and that’s not even to mention all the other events at the exhibition!  


We are guessing that if you’re a tech lover like us, you’ve probably seen most (or all) of the new products that were showcased at the event.  But, if you haven’t seen them yet, specific information is all available at


Not only did Samsung trumpet its new products for CES 2013, but Samsung Smart Lounge & Studio were available for attendees to take advantage of. The Lounge was home to busy bloggers striving to get news to the public ASAP while an exclusive production of over 600 minutes was streamed live over the 4 day stretch straight from the Studio. Let’s take a minute to look back at the action.


Smart Lounge & Studio


The SMART Lounge was operated as a home base for IT/Tech media editors and bloggers to network and simply get all their work done! In the corners, also in operation this year, was a public studio to allow reporters and bloggers to hold their own video-filming, live streaming, interviews, or to take hands-on video.


Behind the scenes of the Smart Lounge and Smart Studio


The end of this post will feature an inside look behind the scenes of the Smart Lounge and Smart Studio. Be sure to check it out!


Broadcasting at the Smart Lounge


Press Conference & Special Broadcasting


Samsung Tomorrow TV was a more ‘fun’ event at CES 2013 and many people were interested in watching to see what was on. Samsung Tomorrow broadcasted Dr. Stephen Woo’s Keynote, Samsung’s Press Conference, and a series of Samsung Tomorrow TV CES Specials live, and those videos are still available if you want to watch them again – just check out Samsung Tomorrow’s coverage of CES on our site.


Furthermore, during the keynote speech of Dr Stephen Woo, President of Device Solutions Business, Samsung showed off Exynos 5 Octa, an OCTA-CORE processor and a Flexible OLED prototype. It was quite a hot issue! 


Dr. Stephen Woo (President, S.LSI) presents the Exynos 5 Octa


Youm, Samsung’s Flexible OLED prototype that stole the show



Press Conference 


At the Press Conference, Samsung’s new products were introduced with short video clips of celebrities including famous artist Ne-Yo and actor Vincent Piazza.


Press Conference


Samsung Tomorrow TV @CES2013 Special


Samsung programmed Samsung Tomorrow TV with five different specialties including, What’s Trending, What’s Hot, From the Floor, Smart Lounge, and Daily Wrap Up. In the What’s Trending corner, the latest products and recent trends were introduced. In the What’s Hot corner, Samsung Tomorrow TV introduced its hottest products along with behind-the-scenes footages of how those products came to be. We also met up with tech enthusiasts and interviewed them. Booth tours and quick events such as on-the-spot quizzes could be seen on From the Floor. Short interviews with bloggers were held at Smart Lounge and the Daily Wrap Up summarized all the day’s big news.  


Samsung Tomorrow TV


It was quite a treat for Samsung Tomorrow TV to host well-known world-famous celebrities.  Brightening our screen were celebrities, Snookie, Xzibit, Nick Cannon, and Russell Simmons ! Check them out inside the Samsung Smart Studio!


Samsung Tomorrow


Samsung Tomorrow TV-Snookie


Samsung Tomorrow TV-Xzibit


Samsung Tomorrow TV-Nick Cannon


Samsung Tomorrow TV--Russell Simmons


Behind the Scenes


Well, to wrap up CES 2013, we wanted to share with you all the photos we got from the inside.  We hope the photo tour will make you feel like you were right there with us at CES 2013!