Lost in Translation – Larger GALAXY SII Icons Are a New OPTION, Not a Mandatory Change

October 11, 2011 | Comments |

Samsung Electronics recently released an update for Korean versions of the GALAXY S II smartphone. The main purpose of this update was to ADD AN OPTION of larger icons.



The addition of THE OPTION of larger icons was made following numerous consumer requests. (Here, my colleagues and I unofficially call it the ‘Senior Mode’.) There have been misunderstandings that this change is not optional and is permanent, but of course, this is not true.


As this update is currently only available in Korea, we didn’t make any announcements outside the country. No decisions have been made regarding whether or not to or when to expand these options worldwide.


We expect that this post will clarify and hopefully relieve those of you that may have been worried that you’d lose your current UI. Samsung always has its customers’ satisfaction at the top of its mind, and we will continue to work hard to make them happy.