This is How Metal Framed Galaxy Alpha is made in the Factory

August 22, 2014 | Comments | Tomorrow Works

Here is something you already know, the Galaxy Alpha features a metal frame with curved corners.


But did you know that it is also one of the slimmest Galaxy devices ever at less than 7mm thick?


The Galaxy Alpha has redefined Samsung’s design aesthetics in many ways; and not surprisingly, it required advanced design techniques and compact construction. And today, we would like to give you the exclusive look at the development process of the latest addition to Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone line, Galaxy Alpha.




During product development, a number of computerized numerical control (CNC) processes – automation of machine tools controlled by computers – are used to extract the Galaxy Alpha’s metal frame. At the beginning of development, the device’s frame is carved and trimmed from a rough metal material to shape Galaxy alpha’s unique design. Following this, secure spaces for the battery and window parts are formed to connect with the frame. Next, the outer edge of the frame is developed to express Galaxy Alpha's signature curved corners and where its key buttons and antenna are housed.


After this, the device undergoes a Color Anodizing process to tint the metal the desired blue, gold, black, silver or white color. Through this process, the Galaxy Alpha is able to maintain the natural shine of its metal frame, even while it gets tinted with color. Following the Color Anodizing process, the Galaxy Alpha’s metal frame is then diamond cut, which is a specific type of cut using a diamond as the metal cutter, at a certain angle to give its edge a shiny look along with a high-quality grip. During this process, the display is seamlessly connected to the frame’s shiny edge– creating a perfect contrast between edged cutting and matte finish around frame.




Once the Galaxy Alpha is constructed, it is sent over to the Quality Assurance Lab where a number of tests are conducted to ensure its durability. For example, during the “Drop Test,” the Galaxy Alpha is released from varying heights, multiple times to evaluate the resilience of its metal frame. The Galaxy Alpha outperformed all other Galaxy devices on this test as its durable curved corners prevent it from external shock. Another test called the “Bending Test,” evaluates the amount of pressure the Galaxy Alpha can withstand by pressing the each side of the device at the same time. A third test, the “Twist Test,” determines the level of impact the device can endure by moving it from side-to-side in oposite directions.


The development and testing process can be very long and challenging in order to produce high-quality devices that meet the needs of consumers worldwide. Ultimately, through this extensive process, the superior Galaxy Alpha is born, providing a carefully constructed compact body with a metal frame and a solid finish. 



*All functionality features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation. 

  • Richard Yarrell

    This is great a prelude to the Galaxy Note 4.

    • max


      • gt-01

        Not sure if real or ‘Photoshopped’?

        We’ll shall see next week on September 3.

  • Deepak Dulal


  • Taufiq Hasan

    Syuper Syekali!

  • droopyar

    Samsung Alpha is THE BEST

  • Andre Harrod

    That’s badass!

  • Supafly_Boy

    Typical Samsung, a bunch of disgusting iPhone design theives

    • The_Caller

      I wouldn’t be surprised about Apple bitching Samsung due to the metalic frame, Still better devices by samsung, regardless of metal body or not. nothing related to Apple actually.

      • KazutoAkira

        Correct me if i’m wrong but i think its always Samsung who is bitching iphone through their ads

        • TTyme

          Not “bitching”, but teasing/making fun of Apple.

          Though Samsung is responsible for it’s share of patent complaints, Apple makes them look silly in comparison(having a 50% stake in the patent troll Rockstar).

        • ThunderCrackR

          And Apple bitching Samsung in their products announcements.

        • iDrRobotnik

          Like Apple bitching AntennaGate was everyone else’s fault but theirs. Including Samsung, when Samsung offer them their Auto Internal/External Antenna switch license used in the SGH-Z610 pictured above!

          Here’s the patent that was assigned to Samsung in 2006!

          Search patent US5453019

          Steve Jobs was the one that made fun of that Asian company in Korea saying they had antenna problems. Which they didn’t Steve was also known to insulting all asians with derogatory terms all the time!!! ….in fact he was known to insult just everybody and anybody… calling Ellen Hancock at Apple (when he came back in 1996) as that Blond Bimbo that works under Gil Amelio! ….and a DEAD BEAT DAD on Top of that all!

    • Kurama91


    • ThunderCrackR

      Oh, how that? The first iPhone-copied from Samsung SGH-Z610 which was released a year before the first iPhone. The screen size, main circular button, shape. From iPhone 4 to nowadays, they used Sony-made design. So, where is Apple so original when it comes to design. Make research before commenting non-sense, you and those 4 who upvoted you! See yourself:

    • iDrRobotnik

      In case your a typical iDeaf, Dumb and Blind iDiot…… that SGH-Z 610 had a metal band edge as well as metal band across the back (below). It also had a single ROUND Physical Home/Media Play iCon on that Button to go with having REAL 3G and GPS w/ a IR remote and Gesture based touchscreen controls, well before iPhone! ….now who copied who?

  • Emil Markovski

    LOL considering iphone 6 will be a huge disappointment both in design and specs I think the Alpha has a good future ahead.

    • max

      nobody cares about specs in iPhones

      • ThunderCrackR


    • Rumpelstiltskin

      What are the specs you’re referring to? The A7 was by far the best chip on the market when the 5S launched. And considering that IOS uses far less resources than Android, the Iphones amount of RAM is acceptable.

      I don’t like the Iphone for many reasons, all of which are software related, but saying that it lack both design and specs is just fanboy talk. The Iphone has always been topnotch when it comes to design and hardware, and as a tech freak I can’t wait to see how good the A8 will be. Hopefully it’ll be a quad-core.

      • iDrRobotnik

        Have you checked the benchmarks since early this year? Everything has been killing A7 and on Multitasking Apple with clunky 30yr old file system and “Preemptive Task Management” from NeXTStep, all it can do is work on dual cores suspending one app or task in order to run another one. A7 and A8’s Multitasking are extremely limited. And A8 with iOS 8 only bringing more FAKE attempts at multitasking within other Apps and Tasks using extensions, it ain’t going to get any better!!! …..Quad core isn’t coming till Apple A9!

        • Rumpelstiltskin

          I wouldn’t really call it killing, but surprise, that’s how it works in the hardware industry. Newer often means better. So when the A8 comes out later this fall, it will crush everything that’s out there, and will keep the 1st place for a couple of months until a new phone hit the market.

          And now when the Iphone is getting bigger, there’s also room for a chip with a bigger die size. Snapdragon has always been larger than the A-chip, which means they can fit more transistors, which gives it a huge upper hand since they are using the same manufacturing process.

  • Android Developer

    Make a video of it.
    Videos show it much cooler… :)

  • KazutoAkira

    The irony is Samsung mocked Apple for having bigger screen. Which samsung ‘have’ for years

    And now metal frame. Which Apple already have for years

    • soarealb

      do you have a link for your claims ? and of course all the android manufacturers should mock apple for big screen cause apple always said ”3.5inch is all we will ever make”.

    • Abhinay Raikar Ibrahimovic

      Samsung mocked Apple for bigger screen? lol

      • TTyme

        I think(hope) he’s referring to the fact that Samsung tease Apple about finally stepping up the screen size on the iPhone6(“copying Samsung”)… While at the same time “copying” Apple in regards to the metal frame.

        Regardless, it’s a silly point and rather unfounded.

    • ThunderCrackR

      Samsung make metal phone from, IDK, 2004? They have the Wave series, with phones made entirely of metal, so IDK where is the problem here?

    • Jesus

      So Apple owns metal frames now?
      What else do they own…. glass construction, rectangles…

      • JRX

        So Samsung owned big screens now?
        His point was that they mock others for doing something they already did, and then turn around and do something the others already had. No Apple doesn’t own metal frames, but Samsung is a hypocrite.

        • iDrRobotnik

          I don’t hear either Apple or Samsung claiming to own either one. Only iDiots would be saying such a stupid thing! …..meaning you are obviously an Apple Fan or is that TROLL? ;-P …..since this is a Samsung site!!!

        • SC

          The iPhone guys always says that the screen of de 4s and 5s is enough and the others are a television or a brick, but now iPhone 6 with a 5′ are the best… Please don’t be iPhasshole.

      • KazutoAkira

        No. They dont. So when Samsung make an Ad that mock Apple for having iphone 6 which have bigger screen? Do Samsung OWN bigger screen or what?

        • iDrRobotnik

          Are you ever a brain dead Applewellian iProle or what? The Ads worked…. guess who’s still #1 Smartphone and Electronics Giant in the World? ^_*

          • KazutoAkira


            And i think other electronics have very less connection in this phone competition… And Samsung no 1 Smartphone giant in the world?

          • iKrontologist

            Still jealous of Samsung’s #1 smartphone maker by both volume and revenue…. ‘eh? Sorry you can’t seem to face the truth!

          • KazutoAkira

            Lol yeah Samsung made thousand phones and the only phone ‘sticks’ at the market is note and S series

            Lol yeah

    • iDrRobotnik

      Both are giving customers what they want. So quit your complaining!!! Nobody can sue each other over either of those features. Samsung has just done a far better job of it on this Alpha using far better harder stronger materials too! …..but you Apple super Brain Washed Trolls will always believe Apple invented the Sun the Moon and the Stars before the Dawn of Time! lol…..

      • KazutoAkira

        I like your childish attitude. And please differentiate complaining with stating a fact

        • iKrontologist

          Must be hard for you to face the truth. It was Steve Jobs who mocked Samsung for phablet phones he said no one would ever buy. That’s a fact and all Samsung did is call the World’s attention to that fact!

          If you really want know some facts here they;
          Fact – Samsung has been putting Finger Print sensors in computing devices (pro notebooks) since 2004 and they’ve been putting Touch (not slide) Finger Print Scanners in Secure Access door locks since 2002. In FACT….. Samsung used the exact same technology Authentic’s Touch ID fingerprint sensors in 2004 in those battery powered door locks, that are now in iPhones.

          Fact; Samsung first patented Fingerprint Sensor in Home Button of Galaxy S3 in November 2011 a year before Apple only swooped in to buy Authentec out from under them to keep them from being FIRST!!!

          Fact; Samsung had the first multimedia touchscreen player Smartphone introduced in January 2006 with gestures, no physical keyboard, remote control for video and music, dual front n back cameras for video chat, real GPS, real 3G (not just snail slow 2G) and a single round Home Button with their Play icon on it a year before iPhone anything. It also had Stainless Steel Metal Edge around it and across the back!!! ;-P … what’s that about Apple having metal first? Yeah the iCopyist Strikes again!!! lol…..

          Apple has never been first at anything, that they didn’t buy, steal or borrowed. They are a completely outsourced bunch of Gypsy Circus Barkers selling Fake Snake Oil to their Circus of niche market Elitists convinced Apple is teh God and invented the sun the moon and the stars before the dawn of time! ^_* ….so perhaps you like my attitude and the truth shoved in your face a 2nd time for the always 2nd place Apple!!! :D

          • KazutoAkira

            Lol yeah let Samsung be the first at anything, because what people want is not first time, but people are looking for the best.

            Oh i believe samsung fingerprint sensor is better than Touch ID. And also that 2006 phone people never heard about is better than first iphone.

            Ssh. Fanboys

    • nikko jordan

      you misread the commercial everybody was getting so hype with a slightly bigger screen and since samsung does it so much they’re not that hype your overreacting over a bigger screen and i’m so surprise your not taking shots at htc one m8 and like idrrobotnik said they are giving what the customer want you can have you opine but the average customer is very dumb i bet you can convince apple the shit then samsung the shit in a commercial

      • KazutoAkira

        i’m sorry but… english? please?

        • nikko jordan

          can you please explain on want you mean by english and i have to say this i do like the style of apple like how they make apps and thing bigger so it easyer to see and the design of the product but hate want they do with hardware and software wise and samsung alpha is a between phone it where you want the style of apple but android and have to say at first i laugh at this idea but then i thought deep on this and all the perks it like steroids version of apple iphone 6 but android and touch wiz and better built

          • KazutoAkira

            If you really want a feel of android you shouldnt buy a samsung at the first place. Buy a Nexus

            And samsung have Touch Wiz. So, no.

  • Abhinay Raikar Ibrahimovic

    This is how the S5 should have looked….who else agrees with me???

    • ThunderCrackR


    • gt-01

      I know! The Galaxy S5 would have been sexy! Don’t need to focus on WQHD resolution!

      Just focus on premium build material & UI.

      Maybe re-brand ‘Touchwiz’ ui to ‘GALAXY’ UI?

      • gt-01

        + add also focus on optimizing the apps & deleting unnecessary features too?

        How about making almost all of the available features ‘OPTIONAL’ this time? Like what you did to the Galaxy S5’s camera & some apps??

  • gt-01

    Why did you guys add this later on the Galaxy line?

    Please explain to us? It would of been successful on the Galaxy S5!

    Next time, just listen to our feedbacks properly okay?

    Add it on the Note 4 & the future Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Alpha 2 what ever…

    • iDrRobotnik

      This is a particular model for a particular market, that has no need for some of the features in GS 5 or Galaxy Note series phones. It’s not Samsung that is the king of the One Size Model… Fits All phone market, like….. Apple. Who thinks all their customers are Chairman Mao Suit wearing wantabees! ……and make up their minds anyway, so they do it for them!

    • Abhinay Raikar Ibrahimovic

      They directly aimed at the launch of new iPhone…check Alpha’s specs (no memory card, 4.7″ screen, metal sides, small battery)….but on the contrary Alpha has turned out to be a really good compact phone, if you can live with its shortcomings then its the best compact phone right now….I really hope they listen to customer feedbacks and get the old Samsung spirit back (I’m still using my 3 yr old SII with 4.4.4 custom ROM :P)

      • AWD Dan

        I’m still using a Captivate (S1) with cyanogen 4.4!! Why people need new phones every year baffles me, but now, I’m ready to upgrade

  • Lavkesh

    LOL… does anyone wants to know how a Samsung is made? You did not show the photocopier by the way. The largest KIRF company ever.

    • Jesus

      because people like you can’t tell the difference between an iPhone and an Alpla.

    • iDrRobotnik

      Apple should know, they’ve been KIRF themselves for 7 yrs! ….now they’re KIRF’s Samsung’s devices and using METAL as a material… REAL METAL in this case….. not some cheap soft Alumingate metal Apple uses…. is NOT PATENTABLE. I suppose you think Apple invented 4.7″ screens now too. iCopy of Samsung!

      You probably also think Apple invented Phablets…… Galaxy Tab 7 was the first phablet phone in EU and Asia. Most likely you think Apple didn’t copy Samsung’s SGH-Z610 with it’s Stainless metal banded edge and band across the back with a physical Round Home/Media button. That Apple STOLE and only changed it’s Play Arrow Icon… to a Public Domain Square Stop icon!

      It was introduced in early 2006 and went through FCC in August that year with a 3.5″ touchscreen. Now who copied who? iPhone was a KIRF of LG’s Prada, Sony’s Designs and Samsung SGH-Z610 and F700 all combined! haha…. and the King of iCopyists has been only stealing from others ever since they got caught stealing GUI an mouse from Xerox PARC….. SHAMELESSLY GETTING AWAY WITH IT EVER SINCE!!!

  • iDrRobotnik

    Excellent story of the making of Galaxy Alpha. But what I’m wondering is what metal alloy is be

    used. Because I see it’s being drop tested and apparently there seems to be some heat hardening going on too. So that would mean it’s most likely either Magnesium Alloy or 7000 series Aluminum Zinc Alloy for hardness. The soft low grade aluminum in iPhones is neither heat hardened, pressure extruded or alloyed with any metals that make it harder or stronger. They rely solely on a thick anodization coating. Which doesn’t hold very well. Whereas Samsung is using semi-transparent color dyes instead.

    The results are so obvious, if you look at anybody you knows iPhone 5s without a case. Chipped and nicked anodization and full of scratches and Apple has the nerve to call that high quality??? O_o

    Should be a huge difference with Samsung using REAL METAL… instead of FAKE CHEAP SOFT METAL in iPhones! ;D

  • DrRobotnik

    LOL Samsuck makes POS plastic phones. Nothing new here. Just copying Apple again. That’s what the Chinese and Koreans do, they copy and steal ideas.

    • KyleRay

      You lose! lol….. iPhone 6 Plus is almost as BENT as your ignorant mind is. Check out this video of them being bent bare handed on YouTube vs Galaxy Note 3 only flexing and still working!!! youtube dot com watch?v=FwM4ypi3at0

      • Morons.

        Haha you drip. I snapped my 3310 with my bare hands… Come to think of it i snapped a lot with my bare hands that wouldn’t break under normal circumstances. Did you ever buy a brand new xbox/ps4/pc game and decide to try and snap the CD? Bet you could even break that!