[Infographic] You’ll See What Others Don’t with Galaxy Tab S

August 15, 2014 | Comments | Tomorrow Works

Tablet experience is basically about 'viewing'. That's why the display matters the most for the tablet. As we at Samsung Tomorrow have introduced, the Galaxy Tab S was proven as the best display by the public and the experts as well.


Yes, with Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy Tab S offers the best viewing experience. Want to know how? Check out the infographic below.


[Infographic] You'll See What Others Don't with Galaxy Tab S

  • Neil Lund

    How many nits do these new displays put out?

    • gt-01

      At least 419 nits (good).

  • krazyfrog

    There is a typo in the infographic.

    • LOLWUT

      Which proves that an 18-year old tween wrote this just to piss Apple users off.
      Well played, Sammy, well played.

    • Will S.

      Is that you Prasad??

      • عمر محمد


      • http://sabbyroams.blogspot.in/ Sabbyj

        haha :D

  • http://sabbyroams.blogspot.in/ Sabbyj

    Maybe I read that wrong coz I’m reading it on an LCD screen. Another plus, perhaps?
    That aside, I actually love Amoleds. Probably the best type of display!

    • https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AhmadElHusseiny Ahmadović

      Hay “Courage”. :V

      • http://sabbyroams.blogspot.in/ Sabbyj

        courage? i have loads of it!

        • https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AhmadElHusseiny Ahmadović

          Niiice. :D

  • jason

    Well ips। Panel have better view angles and color

    • Maze

      no, that’s not right. i have IPS phone and i compare with my friend’s Galaxy S5

    • xoj_21

      no IPS are easier to tweak to have more “natural” color but AMOLED can display more colours
      amoled have no backlight, the view angles are as good as they can get

  • gruido

    LCDs are much better than AMOLEDs.

    AMOLEDs have several problems and disadvantages. For example: non-RGB subpixels, burn-in issues (this is the biggest problem), mura effect, limited lifespan, oversaturated colors, …

    I would buy S5 Active if it had IPS display and FM radio. But unfortunately it doesn’t have these features (as all Samsung flagships). Therefore I don’t know which phone to buy.

    I hate Samsung because they don’t create an LCD variant of S5. (They create a lot of variants of S5, but they are all totally useless. They have the same specs, they are almost the same. If they create 100 variants of the S5, why they can’t create at least one variant with LCD?!)