Samsung Launches Industry’s First Tizen Smartphone – the Samsung Z

June 2, 2014 | Comments | Tomorrow Works

Samsung Launches Industry’s First Tizen Smartphone – the Samsung Z

Samsung Z offers a unique user experience with advanced web performance and usability



Samsung Electronics today introduced the Samsung Z, the first commercially available smartphone powered by the Tizen platform. The Samsung Z will be on show at the Tizen Developer Conference, San Francisco from June 3rd.




Built on top of unparalleled quality and the cutting-edge technology of Samsung’s latest premium smartphone, the Samsung Z is optimized with a Tizen platform that offers fast and powerful software performance. Complete with a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display and a 2.3 GHz Quad-core processor, the Samsung Z makes the perfect choice for consumers who want a differentiated user experience in an efficient and light-weight smartphone.


“Samsung is committed to enhancing the mobile experience of consumers with innovation that is both personal and unique to their needs,” said DJ Lee, President and Head of Global Sales & Marketing Office, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “The Samsung Z integrates the power and adaptability of the Tizen platform, enabling users to browse the web faster and utilize applications more effectively.”



Quick and Efficient


The Tizen platform delivers a fast, optimal performance with improved memory management. The Tizen-based Samsung Z offers a faster startup time and immediate multi-tasking capabilities, The Samsung Z fully supports superb 2D and 3D graphic qualities, smoother scrolling and an improved rendering performance for web browsing. Users will also be able to enjoy safe and secure privacy protection using the built-in fingerprint sensor.


An Ultra Power Saving Mode lets the phone stay operational even at minimal battery levels in emergencies.



Tailored For Smarter Living


The Samsung Z features a distinctive home and application layout, for easy access to favorite features and apps. Using Dynamic Box and Color Theme settings, users can tailor their device to what suits them best.


The external design of the Samsung Z also offers a completely new look. The device features a slim, angular design with sophisticated lines, providing a differentiated look and feel while maintaining Samsung’s overall design identity. The Samsung Z will be available in two refined colors: Black and Gold.


The Samsung Z will be available in Q3 in Russia and is planned to expand to other markets. Users will be offered to access additional applications through the Tizen Store at the launch of the Samsung Z. In order to celebrate the launch the world’s first Tizen smartphone and to encourage more developers to join, the Tizen Store will provide a special promotional program to all developers for one year. Furthermore, Samsung plans to host a Tizen local app challenges in Russia and CIS countries to enrich the Tizen eco-system at the launch of the device.


For more information on device, please visit



Samsung Z Product Specifications



 LTE Cat.4 (150/50Mbps)


 4.8” HD Super AMOLED (1280 x 720)


 2.3GHz Quad core application processor


 Tizen 2.2.1


 8MP(rear), 2.1MP (front)


 Video Codec : H.263, H.264(AVC), MPEG4, VC-1, Sorenson Spark, MP43, WMV7, WMV8

 Video Format: MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV


 Audio Codec : MP3, AMR-NB/WB, AAC/ AAC+/ eAAC+, WMA, Vorbis, FLAC




 Mini mode, Quick Shot, Best Photo, Drama, Panorama, Dual Camera



 Ultra Power Saving Mode

 Download Booster

 S Health 3.0

 Color theme customization

 Fingerprint sensor


 WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n HT40, MIMO(2×2)


 Bluetooth®: 4.0 BLE

 USB: USB 2.0, NFC, IR Remote


 Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, Hall, RGB ambient light,

 Fingerptint Scanner, Heart rate sensor



 Internal Memory: 16GB, microSD slot up to 64GB


 138.2 x 69.8 x 8.5mm, 136g




All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

  • rookieblogger

    how much?

    • CubsFan5

      That’s what I asked your mom last night

      • rookieblogger

        I hope what my mom said is true… she said $49 HAHA

      • Jaime Mata

        she then replied minimum wage, how much you think you make flipping burgers?

  • BillyGates

    who cares ?

    • 132

      you did apparently when you clicked on the link

  • jem

    looks pretty standard for smart phones these days…

  • wtphuckdisisstupid

    I hammered Microsoft relentlessly for trying to create a vendor-lock-in platform. Looks like Samsung is trying to do the same thing. When they announced Tizen a while ago, the promised a true NATIVE C/C++ *LINUX* Interface. Lying weasels. Is it native? Perhaps. Is it C/C++? Yes, I guess. Is it LINUX? Hell no, it’s not, and they should be ashamed of themselves for using Linux’s good name to create this Samsung-Specific OS. They keep saying, “But it’s open source!” So. That does nothing for my customers if the platform is locked-down.

    • rookieblogger

      exactly! same as foods. they use the word “ORGANIC” which is very vague… they’re always lying because it’s a business.

  • NihilistZerO

    Can’t see why you’d pick this over an Android phone. It would have to offer something really special to justify ditching Google established eco system and apps. Doesn’t look like it does anything special. If Windows phone, which is innovative in many ways, can’t get people to ditch Android I doubt this will.

    • Wade

      Well, considering that Google is banned in Russia, makes sense that Samsung creates a market for them and China.

  • Cody Toombs

    I wonder how many attendees there will be to a developer conference for an OS that barely exists? In addition, this conference is taking place in the US for a phone that will initially launch in Russia, and eventually to other markets (with no indicator of a timeline).

    It’s not just me, right? This really doesn’t seem to make any sense.

  • mp junior

    Tizen?? it’s new OS…

  • Young

    Sony Z2 is better than it!

  • PowerTJ

    Samsung Rules

  • baysidetrax

    If it ain’t American, I ain’t buying the darn thing!! It’s time for you Americans to support American products and innovations!! We’re losing big to foreign companies. It was our product, our invention, now they have it!!

    • Facebook User

      gdamn made in china electronics – made in america by americans – fck that made in china aapl crap.

      • JDM

        made in china is everywhere. the thing you use to login and type a response is probably made in china.

    • Kevin Black

      yet if u look in your home 90% of the things come from china and other countrys hell the only thing from America is a tree in your yard that’s ben there for 50 years and who evan knows where that seed came from

    • Kyle Clements

      “It’s time for you Americans to support American products and innovations”

      Nice philosophy, but what happens when you need to buy a car, and want a reliable one?
      I’d rather have nice things than “Made in America” things.

  • Hill

    I’d rathar stick to Android OS

  • baysidetrax

    Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Radeon, these are synonymous American brands associated with the latest electronic products. Support them!!

    • Lakershow714

      Apple made in china

    • transporter

      All mobile phones is China made.and all computers also.

  • baysidetrax

    Fuck these foreign shit-head copycats!!

    • Facebook User

      right support only made in america by american brands, fuck apple made in china …..

  • baysidetrax

    Wake up America!! We were ruling the world with our technologies and inventions!! We made a huge mistake by allowing these foreign enemies to come to our prestigious Ivy League schools and learned our technologies. Look at China, once a third world country and now a multi-trillion dollar empire!! Or Japan, Europe, Korea, Middle East…..we taught them our secrets and look where they’re at now!!

    • awpfkf1

      You’re a different kind of stupid aren’t you

    • Andy

      Do yourself a favor and STFU before you make an even bigger fool of yourself. America never ruled the world and never will FYI.

      100 years ago you where nobodies…you just had a frog leap ahead of the others by stealling all the technolgy you could get your hands on. As for Europe…please…like a 220 year teenager nation could teach anything to a continent with more than 3000 years of history…

      Stop hating…get a life!!!

      • RawDawg

        You mean like when 13 colonies defeated the greatest nation on earth? I believe the lesson that day was on an ass whooping.

        • brianm101

          Hardly a hard task from a military perspective given the distance of the British supply line. Not to mention it was really a European on European ex pat war rather than a US v UK play off, not that the US existed at that time anyway! You still had a civil war, suppression of the locals and barbaric slavery to deal with!

      • obliviondawn

        Right, because the collective intelligence of a nation is directly proportional to how old it is. Probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.

    • ramdinocencio

      lol your funny
      But let me try to enlighten you a bit
      China economy was built by the United State But the reason we built it was so they can buy stuff from us
      And boy did the UNITED STATES Make a lot money
      See in 1990 China became a Most Favor Nation What this means all China made good have no or very little import tax Now that is a lot of money
      Now what happened is US companies Built factories in China to make the stuff instead here of other countries
      After they were made they ship it and we bought it
      And that how China became rich Well not really See Money is really useless unless its making money So what did China do with all that money
      Well they sent back to the United State
      Remember that 17 trillion we owe China well really do not China invested all that in
      the US economy earning 2% Now part of that 17 trillion we SENT Back to China and is earning 8%
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      Now here are some point you need to know all the economies of the world our is the most stable

      Now biggest problem about to hit us and the rest of the world is China Economy
      about to crash China economy just drop 2% if it drop to 5 China is on big trouble
      See all the big US investors left 3-5 yr ago All is now China money And that is mot good for China economy

      So for China economy to get better UNITED STATE Economy has to get better
      So China can sell stuff So for that to happen China will spend trillion investing in the US Economy Same as Europe did and Japan
      Now you know the Basics of the world economy China need us
      And we need China

      And we will teach them how to make money and they will do the same

    • brianm101

      A true small town America attitude and so deluding wrong!

  • Facebook User

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT ? the Note 3 is the most advanced smartphone ever sold – samsung has gone backwards on this one.

  • WiseFundManager

    Bunch of marketing BS by Samsung as usual…10 people will line up to buy this.

    • kova4a

      Well, the fact is that HTML5 is the future and Java is getting obsolete, so purely as an OS Tizen will be the better one. On the other hand, average people don’t care about that – they care about their apps and nothing else, so yeah, Tizen will probably flop but not because it’s BS but because people are already invested into the iOS and Android eco systems.

      • BrandoHD

        With this reasoning, BB10 on top of a QNX kernel would win the smartphone wars, lmao

      • brianm101

        Agree look at the struggle Microsoft is facing with its mobile system, Tizen is starting from even further behind so it’s going to have to have some really ‘got to have’ feature or just die, the latter is most likely!

  • ramdinocencio

    Why is Samsung mobile department about to crash

    Yes i said Crash Samsung has to many phones And this has a tendency to frustrate
    people When buying a phone ” Which phone should i buy Now i have this phone
    did i just waste all that money buying it Should i have waited
    Since phone can cost close to 1000 USD
    Like old proverb To many cook spoiled the soup

    • Lakershow714

      yes i mean why have any choices? lets just stick to apple Iphones where we can be told what to buy and when to buy it and not even have a choice of the design of the phone it self….lets line up sheep

  • Pumpkin King

    It looks like LG. At the same time LG Optimus UI is a Touchwiz copy and paste.
    As well as the G line copied Galaxy design, but altered it.
    And most of LG’s mid rangers look like a Galaxy.

    But specifically for the first Tizen phone. Why would Samsung use this design?
    Al though maybe everyone trolling the more ergonomic round shape is the reason.

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    Will this OS support android apps?

    • average linux user


  • louisdem

    I want one!!!

  • Shaun Gregor

    Wow I see some stupid comments here, with all the Samsung hate i’m guessing paid detractors lol. This phone is not for the American or European markets, its for Russia only. Samsung has been working on Tizen for years and now they want to start real world trials, they have agreements with Google so this is no surprise to them. For the morons saying Samsung and LG are the same, what a fool Apple fanboi, I have a Note 3, S4 and an LG G2 and they are nothing alike from the phones design to the Android skins they throw on top. All 3 are amazing devices and blow away anything Apple offers.

    • brianm101

      It’s more about another ‘me too’ mobile operating system, hopefully it will slither into obscurity like many others. Another operating system is not going to be liked by app developers, dealing with Android, IOS and Windows is bad enough!

  • M Faisal Hasan K

    What’s the price ? When it will be available in Bangladesh ?

  • Jermaine Smit

    OK what is up with all this sad stuffabout “it’s not from America i ain’t buying it support America blablabla” bullshit stuff….. You do know that a lot of things you buy come from different country’s right? Not to even start about food… Then to your mobile phone most parts will be made in asia. So get that stupid pride out of your head because that is a problem in America. To darn proud for no damn good reason.

  • Chris Malinak

    I was just kind of curious about this whole Tizen OS. What if someone already had a Anroid phone and don’t want to buy a new phone? Can the download and load Tizen on their current Android phone? I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I am happy with it and I am not planning on buying a new phone anytime soon. So, that is why I am asking thing because I would like to try it out and see if it is better then Android.

    • brianm101

      Have to buy your apps etc again

      • Chris Malinak

        You have to buy a new phone and you can’t get Tizen on the current phone?

  • socalrailroader

    First available in Ruskie land? LOL

    • Korakaris .

      Dont will be available to Redneck fat-ass country also.

  • gt-01

    Great! A first start of Samsung departing from Google’s Android OS!

    Since they can control the OS, they could simply update it in any time.

    Hope ‘TOUCHWIZ’ runs fluid this time, since it lags on Android OS.

    Really want to see this TIZEN smartphone world-wide but nothing’s confirmed so far.

    • gt-01

      Good to see the main icon designs at the botton now rounded (circled) this time, unlike on the current Galaxy S5.

  • Richard Legaspi

    yah, go ahead Samsung leave android… lets see where would you go… lol down the drain… then google will said you’ll be back..

    • beefycrunchburrito

      except they are not leaving android.. stop being such a moron. samsung has many phones with different OS’s

      • brianm101

        But they are sending out the wrong message and adding confusion into the market! Just hope they fire the idiot who made this decision…..

    • cjbossma1n

      Samsung has been a great make of technology for a long time i think its gonna be pretty cool but they are still with android and for this new line of phones they teamed up with intel so i think this is going to be successful

    • brianm101

      Yep absolutely blitheringly stupid or maybe just arrogance on the part of Samsung, you are the alternative to Apples fenced garden, don’t become Apple! Bet HTC, Apple and others like this decision!

  • Teodore-Ben Saniel

    I hope it offers great apps like applications long available in the App Store and Google Play Store. This is the only problem why I left my Samsung Wave II (running bada 2.0), Samsung Wave II is a nice phone though (easy to use, for non-techy people). I hope it has Twitter, Instagram, Candy Crush, Flappy Bird etc. :3

    • Ratish

      Hope they don’t scrap it like they did with Bada.

    • brianm101

      Guess if it’s an android app you are going to have to buy them again – that’s if any developer is going to support it. This is one of Samsung’s less sensible decisions to use Tizen!

      • gfinale

        You seriously need to inform yourself about Tizen instead of making incorrect assumptions. Samsung along with other manufs developed Tizen. It is hoped that Tizen will be and remain truly open source as opposed to Android.

        • brianm101

          Ok took your advice and did some more research on Tizen.
          So modify my opinion to ‘ this is one of Samsung’s most crass stupid decisions, a Microsoft Windows 8 moment if you like!

    • bdyzel

      Have a look at the initial statements: “Given it is not Android, the phone will not have access to the Google Play Store, but Samsung will see that as an opportunity to make an impact with its own store.”
      I’m assuming that Tizen wants to compete against android, and unless they collaborate, I reckon android apps probably won’t be supported on it.
      It’s not early days anymore, as Samsung seems to have pumped some serious support into this OS, but unless they can steal android’s traction, I don’t see this OS becoming overly popular.

  • Cardione1

    You know, I really hate to be a spoiled sport on all this hoopla……but CAN THE BLOODY THING MAKE A DECENT CLEAR PHONE CALL??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Martin Rademakers

      I have owned Samsung note 2 for 3 years now….never used it as a phone. Just for everything as a mobile internet platform. Use a basic small Nokia phone for voice and text. Carrying both is not a problem….and very efficient.

  • Lee

    mid spec :(

  • ParisTech

    Nice addition to the L Series by LG….

  • GeorgeDao123

    I like it. I’ll buy both it and Note 4.

  • dccrowley

    great it looks like windows %-[

    • Just Sum1 like Santa Claus…

      So Windows Phones are totally different bro…

  • NothingMuchHereToSay

    I dunno about you guys, but I’m waitin’ for my Ubuntu Phone :D

  • Pretty Nice SammySung…!

    Nice, Fresh and Cool Phone, can’t wait for the launch in Netherlands! Try to fix cam MP, its nice but can get better… Try to make something like a iphone 5s but then with a Tizen OS, and get a super fast processor.. sure you can sell that for 800 Euro’s!

  • attarct samsung

    whats the expected launching price?

  • brianm101

    Just what the world needs another mobile operating system – What idiot at Samsung decided to use Tizen! The industry open standard of Android plus the great hardware from Samsung has made for a great family of products that beats Apple with their walled gardens and limitations. If this is the way Samsung is going it’s to another supplier for my next phone….. Hate stupidity!

    • gfinale

      You hate stupidity yet you are sounding that way. Declaring Android to be the industry open standard is naive. I have enjoyed Android and it is far better than the other evils, however, Google has been playing many less than open games.

      • brianm101

        Oracle aren’t helping Android either, just wonder what other issues will creep out of the woodwork for Tizen? Probably none if no one use it though, which is probably the most likely outcome.

  • derek

    it is with realtime linux and much more open then berkeley android or iphone and it is with a intel embedded processor after 25 years

  • derek

    i did build first this system in 1990 it is older then iphone or android

  • TheBasicMind

    Skating to where the puck was 3 years ago.

  • Vince

    I bet that’s going to suck big time.

  • Drake

    if its reasonably priced, has long (min 3 day) battery runtime and no
    spyware (not google’s, not samsung’s) on it, i’ll definetely buy

  • anon

    Any chance for Opus and/or VP8/9 codecs?

  • Chuckie

    This phone will probably go the same route as that of the Samsung Windows OS Smartphone. . . . . .lol

  • flcl

    return my money paid for wave with its BADA please