Samsung Launches a Powerful and Expressive Smartphone, Galaxy ACE Style

April 8, 2014 | Comments | Tomorrow Works


  • Samsung unveiled Galaxy Ace Style, which features a 1.2GHz dual core processor, a 4-inch touchscreen display, and an intuitive touch-user interface, TouchWiz Essence.
  • The new Samsung Galaxy ACE Style will be available globally in Cream White and Dark Gray beginning in April.


Samsung Launches a Powerful and Expressive Smartphone, Galaxy ACE Style


Fun, expressive and easy-to-use smartphone designed for the social user


Samsung Electronics announced the availability of the Galaxy Ace Style, a new streamlined, easy-to-use smartphone designed to support and power young social consumers. The Galaxy ACE Style features a fun, unique design with an enhanced camera and advanced features for superior performance.


Ace Style_Black
Ace Style_Black
Ace Style_Black
Ace Style_Black
Ace Style_Black
Ace Style_White
Ace Style_White
Ace Style_White
Ace Style_White
Ace Style_White


The Galaxy ACE Style features a unique look and a light, simplified user experience powered by Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat operating system ideal for the young, expressive consumer. Optimized for performance, the new Galaxy ACE Style also features a 1.2GHz dual core processor for seamless multi-tasking and fast app activation time. It has a 4-inch touchscreen display, 4GB of internal memory and features Samsung’s intuitive touch-user interface, TouchWiz Essence.


Samsung Galaxy ACE Style also comes with a powerful, 5-megapixel camera, offering advanced autofocus and VGA for stunning pictures that are instantly shareable. The One Camera Preview feature provides easy access for both video recording and picture taking in full HD. The Galaxy ACE style also comes preloaded with ChatON, so consumers can quickly and easily share pictures, icons and talk with friends.


The new Samsung Galaxy ACE Style will be available globally in Cream White and Dark Gray beginning in April.


Galaxy Ace Style Product Specifications

*All functionality, features, specifications, and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation. 

  • Joseph Emerson

    only 512 ram? that’ll be eaten in no time.

    • anonymous

      Android KitKat is optimized to run in lower memory.

      • ash

        Really? Use it and then tell me. Samsung has lots of unnecessary apps running in background which will use most of the ram. 512 mb is ok when using nexus or cyanogen mod.

      • Yowan Rdotexe

        This thing will only have around 350MB of usable RAM due to hardware using the rest (ADSP, camera, surface flinger etc), this is far from being enough considering that only ~100MB will be available for the user apps. Can’t imagine how laggy and slow the phone will be, especially with the insane amount of bloatware running.

      • Joseph Emerson

        i purchased a moto g to be used with verizon and will have it activated soon. comes with 1gb of ram and should come with kitkat. so i’ll see how it is with that ram.

  • jagdish

    waiting for it… looks cool ..When it will be released in <a India???

  • Devashish Pandey

    if priced below INR 7500, this one will kill Nokia X

  • tony

    it looks like iPhone 3GS. way to go Samsung!

    • iKrontologist

      You iCrAppleholic LIARS….. are all Pieces of Crap! Just shut up…. because Samsung has already sold more smartphones this year than CrApple for the entire year! mwahaha…. Samsung to sell 400 Million Smartphones for Smarter People than YOU this year!!!

  • oldgoat

    I see this failing horribly. The specs are something I would expect from 2011, or earlier, This thing can’t compete with the Moto G and will probably cost a bit more than the Moto G. I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy, no seriously I would advise them to pass on this hunk of junk. If Samsung wants to compete in the budget arena they need to stop acting like budget consumers are ill informed when it comes to specs.

  • TopGun904

    This is more of a $130-150 price range with these specs. Anything higher is just ridiculous.

    I use a Huawei Ascend Y300, purchased for around the same price mentioned (identical specs, 1 GHz*). running CM11, and it runs smoother than butter. Including all the extra Cyanogenmod features and all my user-installed apps.

  • Sohail

    Nokia, plz hurry up, get your product out of your drawer and launch it.

  • Tecnodroid

    I hope it is released in Brazil along with the rest of the world. Seems like a good smartphone for social networking users.

    • samsungtomorrow

      We’re glad to hear that, @tecnodroid:disqus! You can know if it will be available in Brazil or not by asking our local Customer and Support team by visiting Hope this helps!

  • lordchaotic

    has it flash or not? it’s not clear!

    • samsungtomorrow

      Hi @lordchaotic:disqus — if you see the specifications, it does have a flash.

      • HasithaP

        It doesn’t have flash

  • WiseFundManager

    This is garbage…it’s a rebranded S3.

    • iKrontologist

      Galaxy S3? mwahaha….. just shut up iLIAR!!! Difference size screen, processor etc!

  • gt-01

    Simply Galaxy Ace 4…

  • Gadget2us

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  • Avnish

    is the back cover in two peice ? Especially the vertical band ?

  • Avnish

    Can the centre band be in different color to give more interest element for younger generation ?

  • HasithaP

    What’s Back Camera the Video quality? 720p or 480p?

  • Troy Curfman

    Well for the Wal-Mart $150. deal thought I was getting a good purchase..but after reading all the bs specs kind of feel duped.. no flash.. only 512mb of ram. and some other stuff.. I didn’t expect much because its not a $400. cell phone.. but as an electronics consumer your leaving out quality things that the customer needs. and to actually design and ship it out with out the needed necessities is pretty sneaky and puts a bad taste in my mouth for Samsung.. I usually by HTC never had issues and always gave me everything I needed.. what is the converting message attachments too? I again feel duped this is a good phone for people who don’t know what to do or how to use their phone to the max…will be leaving Samsung and going back to HTC.. glad to have found all the weaknesses

  • drewdc

    Had this phone 13 days. No miss use. had in my pocket at work, went to get it out and the screen was spider webed. tried to take back and would not exept and straight talk will not do anything about it either. wow right…….

    • iKrontologist

      An iCrAppleholic LIAR….. for sure! Samsung is killing your Cheap Alumigate soft pot metal iScratchGate Company! ;-P

  • Mika

    As it goes?