Another Teaser from Samsung – Technologies Evolve [IFA 2012]

August 23, 2012 | Comments | Tomorrow Works

PCs, like many other electronic devices, have evolved over the years. Last year at IFA, Samsung introduced the Slate PC – aiming for no compromise in mobility and performance. Many customers – private and corporate – enjoyed the mobility, form factor, power and the touch-screen creativity of the device.


With the Windows 8 announced to come this fall, there’s a lot of anticipation regarding this form factor. In fact, Clint Boulton of the Wall Street Journal tested the ‘release preview’ of Windows 8 on a Samsung Series 7 Slate PC and said that "Samsung Windows 8 Tablet Might Be a Laptop Killer."


Yesterday, a week prior to the unveiling event at Berlin, we released a teaser titled ‘Something Smart Is Coming’ showing what ‘might’ be a part of the announcements next Wednesday. Keep your eyes open for sneak peeks at what ‘might’ be the next hottest PC from Samsung.


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  • Yordan Kisyov

    I think that now is the time for Samsung to introduce a hyper fast and superior device finally a LiveBook with a 3D SUPERAMOLED, detachable keyboard and a Wacom matrix, seamlessly integrated with redesigned S-Pen and all this beauty runs on Chrome OS.

    A device so smart that once you touch it, it makes you believe that underneath the unibody, the CPU is processing genes instead of bytes and this is how it reads your mind.

    A technology so powerful and vengeful that in a blink of an eye it makes retina displays bleed, like an old and grey Samurai knelled in front of its own fail, right after performing Seppuku. But I shall not level up those barbarians to something so sacred as a Samurai.
    This is Samsung and that is why I expect the best !

    You should do the same!

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