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  • Denco

    I have a question for Samsung. Where do I channel it?

  • Denco

    In fact, it’s not just a question; I have many questions!

    My major questions are these. Why does it take Samsung up 2 months to launch their new flagship devices after unveiling, while it takes rival Apple only 2 weeks to do the same?

    Why would Apple announce pricing and availability of their new flagship devices on the unveiling day and Samsung can’t do the same?

    Why would Apple fans start getting their new devices 1-2 weeks after unveiling and we Samsung fans have to endure a painful, frustrating 2-month wait to be able to buy new devices?

    Why would Samsung unveil the Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge long before Apple unveiled its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and yet lag behind Apple in launching around the world?

    I, as a Samsung fan, am not happy and I just don’t understand the problem with the South Korean giant. After all, Samsung is even a MANUFACTURER of some components in their devices, while Apple doesn’t manufacture a single thing, yet they get to selling ahead of Samsung!

    What is the problem?

    Until Samsung fixes these issues and change from its unhelpful tradition of keeping customers in the dark (about pricing/availability on unveiling day) and waiting for long to sell, Apple will continue to win more customers and make more money.