10 Hidden Features of the Galaxy S5

April 18, 2014 | Comments | Tomorrow Works

You already know that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 16MP camera with awesome features, a 5.1” FHD Super AMOLED display, a fingerprint scanner, a built-in heart rate monitor and also is IP67 certified Dust and Water Resistant. Well, here are 10 things you might not know:



1. You can write on it with a Pencil


No I’m not talking about a nametag on the back. The touch sensor on the Galaxy S5 is so, um, sensitive that it can even recognize it when you’re tapping, swiping or writing on it with a pencil.


1. You can write on it with a Pencil


To use your smartphone like this, go to Settings, then Display, and then tick the ‘Increase touch sensitivity’ feature or select ‘Touch sensitivity’ among the 22 quick menu icons by pulling down the status bar with two fingers. Now you can instantly send text messages, send files, and take pictures with your fingers, a gloved hand (which we’ve already introduced through the Galaxy S4 and Note 3), your fingernail or, that’s right, even a pencil!



2. Tilt for a Customized Playlist


Playlists are an art form, which require quite some time to set up right. It could get a bit tedious at times. However, when you are in the groove, the last thing you want is an inadequately shuffled list of songs to ruin it.


2. Tilt for a Customized Playlist


What do you do then? Tilt the Galaxy S5 horizontally (into landscape) while listening to a song via music player, and your Galaxy S5 instantly suggests similar tracks among the songs stored on your phone based on information of the current song, such as its genre, mood, source, etc. So the more songs you have, better the recommendation – instead of a mess and a headache.



3. Bookmark for Your favorite Apps with ‘Toolbox’


‘Toolbox’ is a small widget that opens and closes like a mini-folder or app-drawer. It’s small and round and you can move around just about anywhere on your screen. Place your favorite applications here and access them quickly whenever you need them.


3. Bookmark for Your favorite Apps with ‘Toolbox’ (1) 3. Bookmark for Your favorite Apps with ‘Toolbox’ (2) 3. Bookmark for Your favorite Apps with ‘Toolbox’ (3)


You can either tap the ‘Toolbox’ icon on the quick panel (swipe down the status bar), or go to Settings and tap ‘Toolbox’. A white circle-shaped icon with three dots inside will appear on the screen. Press and hold the icon and drag it to the Edit button, and then you can customize which apps appear on the floating Toolbox menu.


The floating shortcut menu will be shown and can be activated on every screen, which makes it really useful for multi-tasking!



4. Maintain Your Privacy with Private Mode


How do you protect your secret messages, pictures, and voicemails from other people like some of your nosy roommates and gossipy friends? The Galaxy S5 features a ‘Private Mode’ to hide these personal documents, pictures, text messages, videos, voicemails, etc from outsiders.


4. Maintain Your Privacy with Private Mode (1) 4. Maintain Your Privacy with Private Mode (2)


To activate this mode, you first need to choose how you will unlock the screen in the private mode. To do this, go to Settings then tap 'Private mode'. After selecting the contents you want to hide, press Menu, and then touch ‘Move to private’ and a lock key will appear next to the contents, protecting them safely. Easy.


Contents that are protected like this will only appear in the private mode and not in the normal mode.


But, you should be aware that you won’t be able to access your “hidden” contents if you have forgotten how to unlock the screen. So, please don’t forget your password, PIN, or pattern!



5. ‘Kids Mode’


Sometimes friends aren’t the only people you want to keep your things away from. Many parents let their children use their smartphones. When they do, they often worry that their kids might get information not suitable for them or that their kids might delete some important data.


5. ‘Kids Mode’


Samsung launched a new ‘Kids Mode’ on the Galaxy S5 which makes your phone safer for/from kids. With a cute UX design, Kids Mode provides fun and safe content for children. Also, you can allow and restrict access to applications and media content stored on your device by following a few quick steps.


a. Go to the Kids Mode widget at home screen, you can download this app. After downloading, a Kids Mode screen will be created.

b. Set your PIN and

c. enter your kid's profile, and then

d. select the applications that your child is allowed to use.


By default, it provides camera, painting, voice recorder, and video apps. To download various games and learning apps for kids, go to the Parental Control at the bottom right side of your screen, and Menu at the upper left, and then ‘Kids Store’.


If you download a new application, a gift box appears on the Kids Mode screen. Tap this box and an app will be created as it opens. On a special day, install apps your child wanted and give them as surprise presents!


On Kids Mode, you also can limit the time your kids can use your smartphone. Tap ‘Parental Control’, ‘Menu’, and then ‘Daily playtime limit’ and you can set daily time limit – no longer than 3 hours, for example. Furthermore, you can check the activity history – total playtime and most frequently used applications for last 30 days.



6. Enable Camera from the Lock Screen


Galaxy S5 now features direct access to the 16-megapixel camera from the Lock Screen so that users don’t have to miss those crazy photo opportunities that pop up at the most random times.


6. Enable Camera from the Lock Screen (1) 6. Enable Camera from the Lock Screen (2)


Just go to Settings, Lock Screen, and then ‘Camera shortcut’, a camera icon will appear at the right bottom of the lock screen. You can take pictures or make videos with a simple touch on the camera icon.



7. New Camera Features – Virtual Tour, Shot & More Mode


Among the various camera-shooting modes of the Galaxy S5, a few new features stand out. The two latest features introduced for the first time are ‘Virtual Tour’ and ‘Shot and More.’ 



Virtual Tour


The ‘Virtual Tour’ is a feature that allows you to take pictures as if you are giving a tour of the surrounding area to viewers.


7. New Camera Features – Virtual Tour


After putting the camera in the virtual tour mode, by moving the camera according to the guided arrows that point forward, left, or right, you can take shot after shot of the same background. With the pictures together, you will have a ‘moving picture’ like a ‘gif’ image.


Now you can share tours of your house, neighborhood, or even favorite restaurants with friends and family who are too far to see it for themselves.



Shot and More


7. New Camera Features – Shot & More


The ‘Shot and More’ mode allows you to edit pictures and apply various effects immediately after taking your shots.


In this mode, you can choose the best photo from several taken in rapid succession, using diverse features such as best photo, best face, drama shot, eraser, and a lot more. 



8. Set ‘Priority Senders’ in the messaging app


You have many friends, but let’s be frank. There are only so many you talk to all the time. If you set ‘Priority Senders’, the contact lists of your priority senders will be displayed on the top of the messaging app as an icon.


8. Set ‘Priority Senders’ in the messaging app (1) 8. Set ‘Priority Senders’ in the messaging app (2)


Just by tapping this icon, you can send or receive messages right away.


Go to the Messages app, tap ‘+’, and then select Priority Senders to add up to 25 people.



9. Check Caller Information while you’re still on the Phone


9. Check Caller Information while you’re still on the Phone


Galaxy S5 provides caller information while you make or receive a call, and even while you’re on the phone.


On the Settings, tap Call, and select ‘Show caller information’ check box. Then the callers' recent social network activity (Google+) and the history of your communication with them will be displayed.



10. Receive a call while using other Apps with ‘Call Notification Pop-ups’


When you have an incoming call while using an application, the app is stopped and the Incoming call screen appears, in general.


However, Galaxy S5 supports ‘Call Notification Pop-Ups’ functionality, enabling a multi-tasking; receiving a phone call while using other applications!


10. Receive a call while using other Apps with ‘Call Notification Pop-ups’ (1) 10. Receive a call while using other Apps with ‘Call Notification Pop-ups’ (2)


On the Settings, tap Call, and select Call notification pop-ups check box. The incoming call notifications in pop-ups will be displayed if an application is open on the screen.


And if you tap the speaker icon on the pop-up screen, you can receive a call and keep using applications.



How many out of the 10 did you already know? We’ll let you know if/when we come up with more tips. If you have any of your own tricks, feel free to leave them as comments. Sharing is caring.



*All functionality, features, specifications, and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

  • Jose Humberto Tamayo JR

    Isnt the Call Notification a KitKat thing? I have a custom 4.4 Rom on my Galaxy Nexus and it has that feature already.

    • Random user

      Omnirom has the feature.

    • iKrontologist

      Samsung is one of the key contributing members of HSA. They are also in the top 5 contributors to Open Source Linux Kernel itself. So many of these Android features aren’t just in Android or Samsung’s devices, but originate in Linux!

      This is why we are seeing many features we think are only for Android in Tizen or other Linux based Operating Systems. Linux is Open Source and therefore everything is shared and nobody worries about who gets credit or whatever. It’s the whole basis the Open Source Community is based on! ……they don’t want to worry about suing each other or ridiculous notions that every idea or invention is sacredly conceived by Immaculate Conception! ……that’s why there’ll never be a lawsuit of one Linux distro (of which Android is one) suing another ever!!!

      btw…. and there you have it up above. OmniRom Android Open Source derivative has that feature. It’s not simply a Samsung or Android feature…… it’s Open Source!!!

      • Gr8Ray

        If you don’t think Open Source contributors care about who gets credit, you have a lot to learn about Open Source, and Android developers in particular.

        • iKrontologist

          Well getting credit is one thing, but the credit comes from their peers, not general public. Because they know that with as many fools in this World as there are, most ordinary people aren’t going to give them any anyway. Companies like Apple go out of their way to make sure Jony Ive gets all their credit and that of everyone else to go with it! ;-P

          btw…. you’re welcome to look it up, but most likely it’s just one of the community and like I said they really don’t care about getting any credit for their work. Because if they did, they wouldn’t be working all the time tirelessly for nothing. They do it, for the feeling of community and if you don’t understand what that is, I feel very sorry for you. I’ve worked in the Open Source Community for 20 yrs. In short I know some ordinary people who do extraordinary work! ………..and there are companies that are always tirelessly there giving back to the community.

          Samsung is one of those and I never hear them crying about some of their competitors (ahmm… Apple) never get caught dead actually giving to the community. Samsung wrote a whole new ground up file system for Solid State Drives in F2FS. The community is running with it and it’s just about ready to go into full use. Tizen is looking far better than expected and now they have many more new members of Tizen OS Project.

          Xen Hypervisor and Unikernel Mirage OS are going to soon be available to all ARM powered devices. If someone wants to run Ubuntu or Firefox OS with Android and Tizen they can. Cloud Computing is the future in the Open Source World of Developers I’m involved with! :D

    • Onyedika Ifepe

      Yeah it does come with kitkat, but this is more special as it allows you to still use the application you are working on and the call notification appears in a multitasking modes. This isnt same with the standard kitkat roms that freezes your current application.

  • iKrontologist

    This is a list of 10 features that not hidden. But available to any user now!!!

    btw…. there are also hidden features that have yet to be revealed. Since all smartphones today can be firmware upgradable, expect some other things to be revealed over coming months, that take the bite out of Apple’s iPhone 6 come launch time. Hopefully they enable IRIS scanning on Galaxy S 5!!!

  • http://www.androidnext.de/ Frank Ritter | androidnext.de

    Annoyingly, the Camera Shortcut option is missing on German G900FXXU1ANCE firmwares. Please bring it back, as well as lockscreen widgets.

  • http://www.djsmobiles.com/ DJRipster

    Not all of these are really hidden features are they ??

    • Noel Gueverara

      None of them really are I found most of these within the first hour I got the phone

  • DeFeatured Australian

    Camera lock screen missing from Australian model as well. Guess im returning a phone if I cant take easy photos

    • ltb

      That’s the most stupidest reason to return a phone

      • DeFeatured Australian

        Actually, 10 of them.
        And its not. It is a specific need for the task (quick photos, and not 6 clicks before a photo can be taken)
        The other thing is, If you purchase an item that advertises a feature and find out that your in a country where they remove the feature, this actually breaks the fair trading laws.

    • Anonymous

      did you check for updates?
      weird that the advertised feature would be missing.

      • DeFeatured Australian

        I did thanks. Comes up as up to date.

    • Jonathan

      have you contacted Samsung AU – business support number is 1800 91 92 93

  • AxtioN

    My main concern with Android is security,

    Why the hell, I can’t control apps permissions before/during and after installation? (like in iphone)!

    if this is not built-in feature in the S5, then it’s just another rubbish.

    • Brooke

      Android is the most secure operating system. The protection your referring to is built in. If you’d like to download apps from unknown sources you can change that in your settings on Android. Compare the tech specs. The Samsung 5S has better hardware than the iPhone. It’s vastly superior. Heck you’d be better off with just about any Android phone simply because Andriod is a much better operating system, with full customization, more apps, multitasking, NFC, etc.

  • preetham

    Do u think note 3 will get these features as a software update

  • Nun

    I have a Note 2, running custom ROM, wilth all these features and more. Why do I need the s5?

  • Martzz

    Good features in the phone, great job samsung

    • samsungtomorrow

      Thanks, @Martzz!

  • Gem

    Not one of these features were “hidden”… Disappointing article.

    • gt-01

      For the GS5 ‘newbies’ yes.

  • Stroudy

    When I video call my husband my galaxy s5 says this number unable to receive video calls!!! Any ideas why

    • samsungtomorrow

      We’re sorry to hear that, @Stroudy. Please tell our team by visiting samsung.com/sec/function/ipredirection/ipredirectionLocalList.do, choosing the country you reside in, and clicking on Contact Us, which is on the bottom right corner of the page. Thanks!

      • Marcos Yadiel González Pagan

        What application are you using for video calls? it may not be updated.

    • samsungtomorrow

      @Stroudy, Does your husband’s smartphone support video calls? If it does,
      there is a chance that the video call function might be deactivated. If he is using Galaxy S5 as well, please check whether the ‘auto switch to voice call’ is checked. For the video call to activate, your husband needs to uncheck it. Hope you see your husband’s face soon even when you call him.

      • diego

        Where is this ‘auto switch to voice call’?
        Can’t find it.

  • Varun

    Where is the Temperature/Humidity sensor, as was present on the S4?? Please include FM Radio on the next phone.

    • samsungtomorrow

      Hi @Varun – the temperature and humidity sensors are excluded on the Galaxy S5. In terms of your request, please tell our team by visiting samsung.com/sec/function/ipredirection/ipredirectionLocalList.do, choosing the country you reside in, and clicking on Contact Us, which is on the bottom right corner of the page. Thanks!

      • Marcos Yadiel González Pagan

        Galaxy S5 Comes with FM Chip and uses your headphones as antenna. The app that enables FM Radio is “NextRadio app”. Comes standard with Galaxy S5 on Sprint, Boost and Virgin Mobile USA. I wouldn’t know about AT&T, T-Mobile or any GSM Network, but I’m sure they’ll bring it around soon enough.

      • Chandigarh Boy

        That link does not work man

        • samsungtomorrow

          Really? Then try visiting http://www.samsung.com/us/, go to the bottom of the page, and click on USA/English. You will be able to choose the country you reside in and then Support, which is also at the bottom of the page. Hope this helps!

  • kerry greenan

    got the s5 few days ago cant tilt screen and it wont rotate screen

    • apricot

      Do you have your settings on for rotate screen?

  • PC G4M3R

    My S5 is missing the Camera shortcut in the lock screen menu.

    • Marcos Yadiel González Pagan

      Is your GS5 up to date with samsung apps and push service? Maybe that’s what missing. Also, theres a couple of security updates that has been released thru out the month. Be sure to keep your device up to date unless your carrier says otherwise. Good Luck.

      • PrØ$kίllΖʹ

        I found out they removed this feature in my country because of our laws.

      • samsungtomorrow

        Thanks for the advice, @marcosyadielgonzlezpagan:disqus. The world appreciates your kindness!

        • SeriffWoody

          Give the man a job! Lol

  • irishindc

    i can’t find KIDS MODE – when i go to the play store its not coming up either – is there another name for it or what am i missing to find it?

    • Amir Hosein

      you should find it in your phone widget

    • Marcos Yadiel González Pagan

      Kids Mode is on Samsung Apps, you have to download or update your samsung app store(About 16MB) and then download Kids Mode (About 65MB), then after, it would be on your application list.

      • samsungtomorrow

        You are a very kind person,@marcosyadielgonzlezpagan:disqus. We all appreciate it!

  • Ange Smith

    Help ive locjed my phone on kids mode

  • Ange Smith

    Can anyone help me please

  • Furyz Zack

    im suggesting samsung to add ‘hide application’ under the private mode feature on the next update and on the upcoming GALAXY Note 4

  • Chandigarh Boy


    1.) App / Feature to record incoming / outgoing call automatically loud and clear, even when connected to Bluetooth headset.

    2.) FM Radio.

    3.) Optical Image Stabiliser for camera.

    4.) Temperature & Humidity Sensors.

    5.) 4G LTE on Exynos Octa-Core Version.

    6.) 3 GB RAM.

    • Marcos Yadiel González Pagan

      Galaxy S5 Comes with FM Chip and uses your headphones as antenna. The app that enables FM Radio is “NextRadio app”. Comes standard with Galaxy S5 on Sprint, Boost and Virgin Mobile USA. I wouldn’t know about AT&T, T-Mobile or any GSM Network, but I’m sure they’ll bring it around soon enough.

    • PiLoT .

      you want them to upgrade the ram via an update?

  • harry

    how do you forward your incoming sms to e mail or others.
    second ,while you or in phone ,normally second line can’t we answer why ? any solution.

  • Stevie

    My video call doesn’t work. Theres no shortcut for camera on lock screen. Taking photos are delayed. Even typing is delayed! I have a brand new galaxy s5. What do I do?

    • samsungtomorrow

      We’re sorry to hear that, @Steve! Please check in with Samsung Support by visiting http://www.samsung.com/sec/function/ipredirection/ipredirectionLocalList.do, choosing the country you reside in, clicking on ‘Contact Us,’ which is on the bottom right corner, and asking them via call, email, or live chat.

    • garyowls1

      Why doesn’t video calling work from my s5 to another s5?

  • stevie

    Also every now and then while taking photos. A photo will come out with an orange and grey effect, it looks awesome but I dont know how it happens. Am I pressing something to make it do that, if so what and how??

    • Donovan Callender

      not sure what you’re referring to, but see if this helps:
      open the “camera” and tap on the “settings” icon, scroll down and look for “Effects” and then swipe to the right and select “No Effect”

      Screenshots below
      hope that solved your problem.

  • shay

    Hi there I been searching for days how to enable lock Screen widgets on my new Samsung galaxy 5. I do not have the option in my securiTy settings it is Completely missing and I only have swipe lock enabled. Am I missing something

    • samsungtomorrow

      Thanks for visiting @shay. First, we are going to ask around to see if we can help you out. In the meantime, you might want to give the Samsung Service Center a shot. Visit http://www.samsung.com/sec/function/ipredirection/ipredirectionLocalList.do, choose the country you reside in, go to support, and then click on ‘find a service location.’ You can also call our Samsung Support. Hope it helps.

  • calesuar

    What is: enhanced privacy mode, under settings, calls ? There is nothing said about it in the user manual but there it is under call settings.

  • browneyz625

    Why doesn’t my display light up when I get a text message. I have looked all over for a setting and cant find. it. Does anyone know

    • samsungtomorrow

      Sorry to hear that @browneyz625:disqus .Here is something you can try. Tap the message icon and go to ‘settings’. Go down the list until you see the notification settings. You will see a box in the notifications menu. Check the box and your display will light up with the message you receive next time. Hope this helps!

  • jeanmarie

    My camera only has 3 modes (auto, beauty face, and panoramic) I have no setting button and can’t zoom “in this mode”. I’ve tried the 3 modes I have and can’t zoom. Help me plz. Should I call the company? I can’t edit pictures after taking them either.

    • samsungtomorrow

      Sorry to hear that, @jeanmarie. Try contacting our Customer and Support team. Visit http://www.samsung.com/sec/function/ipredirection/ipredirectionLocalList.do, select the country you are currently residing, click on ‘Contact Us.’ You can contact them via phone, email, or live chat. If not, try the Samsung Service Center near you. If you go to Support from the Samsung portal and click on ‘find a service location,’ you will be able to know where to go. Hope this helps!

  • blah sprint

    What about the fact that only ATT and T-mobile allow to talk and text at the same time? Dang you sprint…your unlimited is meaningless to me now.

    • blah sprint

      I should mention this is possible on the galaxy 3, so imagine my surprise with my upgrade?

  • vbrenny

    Is there a way to have the camera shortcut on the lock screen when using fingerprint lock?
    I love both features and would like to have them both working at the same time, but when you select FL on lockscreen settings, the camera shortcut option disappears!

    • samsungtomorrow

      We’re glad to hear that you’re loving both features, @vbrenny:disqus. Unfortunately, both options cannot be used at the same time because the fingerprint sensor is located right above the home key. But you can launch the camera directly from the lock screen even if you have a pattern or password lock set up. So why don’t you use a pattern or password lock when you want to use the camera immediately? =)

      • Ryan

        I can use both features at the same time. I have my lock set to fingerprint and the camera still opens from the lock screen. The camera icon appears on the right side, not above the home button.

        • Ryan

          I can’t seem to take a screen shot of the lock screen, but here’s a look at my lock screen settings. Is this specific to Verizon?

          • Donovan Callender

            I don’t think that’s something a carrier would or could block, I have various lockscreen methods from pin to fingerprint and I can still take a screenshot.
            Just hold the “POWER & HOME BUTTON” at the same time, the phone will vibrate and you will see the border of the phone’s display flash white.

    • samsungtomorrow

      We apologize for the confusion, @vbrenny:disqus. What @Ryan said below is correct. Both options can be used simultaneously.

      • HelloWorld

        Please tell us how we can use both options simultaneously. Cause my lockscreen setting doesn’t have that option as shown in Ryan.

  • tb

    How do u lock a text message on the Samsung Galaxy S5? It only shows delete and copy. There is messages I would like to save and lock.

    • Donovan Callender

      unfortunately, unlike previous phones, for some reason you cannot lock the “Entire Message Thread” you can only lock the INDIVIDUAL message within the thread. Kinda Sucks though :( ,hope that answers your question. :)

  • Chris Holden

    how do you sort emails by sender using the email standard app on the S5?

  • Mirdah Ya Bishh

    Is there a way I can record videos while playing my music on my galaxy s5? If so plz tell me. & one thing . I’m having troubles with my flashlight. It doesn’t pop up while I’m recording a video. Plz let me know asap. Thank you!!

  • Manoj

    i want a perticular number’s incoming sms block

    • samsungtomorrow

      Hi @disqus_SJlMXTtgKI:disqus – You can set texts from certain number as spam. Go to Settings from the message app, then go to “add to spam numbers.” Add the number that you want to block and now you will not receive any messages from that number anymore. Hope this helps!

  • kittity water

    How do I to to lock screen stetting?

    • samsungtomorrow

      Hi @kitty water – You can lock your screen by going to Settings >Lock screen. Hope this helps!

      • kittity water

        i have a Samsung galaxy s5 and when i go to settings the lock screen option isn’t there. what category is it in?

        • samsungtomorrow

          Hey @kittitywater:disqus – you will find the Lock Screen option from the Quick Settings category. Thanks!

  • Amy

    My phone is constantly notifying (either vibrating or notification sound) me when it goes it and out of 4G service. How do I make it stop? It’s driving me crazy.

  • Macca

    Why is there no option for camera on lock screen in my settings?

    • Skander

      Your carrier could have disabled this from the stock software, make sure you are running the latest version, if you still can’t find the option ring your carrier.

  • Katie

    My phone screen blacks out during calls and doesn’t light back up when I pull away from my face. I’ve only had this phone for less than a month. What could be the issue?

    • lajuana jenkins

      It’s the air mode to awaken the screen , it makes it have a glitch.

    • Skander

      Check if you have a screen protector or a case covering the proximity sensor cheap protectors can fool the sensor because they’re not clear enough.

    • your helper

      No click the power button lmao

  • Kathy

    Wont let me access play store, this has happened once before ~ how do I keep this from happening?

    • kathy

      just in a thinking mode and wont go any further

    • Bob

      Could be that you have background processes disabled via the Power Saving or Ultra Power Saving Modes. You need to re-enable normal functioning and background processes before you can access the play store.

  • starkey

    How do I make a video call

    • Skander

      The dialer should have a “Call” button and a “Video Call” button, depending on your carrier that may be replaced with a voicemail button. Use ChatOn Video calling instead if that is the case, this is a carrier problem.

  • joey

    Hi, may I know how to set landscape wallpaper? It isn’t in the setting

  • shaune

    I have just switched from Apple 4S to a Samsung S5. I do not seem to be able to send or receive photos/videos as messages. For example, a video that is text messaged to me asked me to download, I press download but it look like it’s downloading but it never does.

  • Juan Carlos Diaz

    Can you take a video and picture at the same time?

    • Skander


      • Juan Carlos Diaz


        • Skander

          When shooting a video click the “camera” icon under the pause/stop buttons on the right. That will take a picture.

  • frustrated

    Is there a way to make the Samsung active less sensitive the increase sensitivity is Unchecked but it is still to sensitive

  • rxan

    hey i live in the uk and the other night my s5 decided to change the time by itself and now every time i’m in a rush to get somewhere i seem to be turning up an hour early if i forget. i have gone to the clock settings and that is showing the correct time but the display is reading one hour ahead and i cant seem to change it. is the the phone just really smart and has worked out that i’m often late or is there a fault? how can i change this because im bored of getting out of bed at 6am when i don’t need to.

    • Skander

      Go into settings -> date and time -> uncheck “automatic date and time / automatic timezone” -> set the correct timezone/time yourself. Your network may be sending incorrect data

  • Karis Sheurell Johnson

    Hi I used to have an Iphone before I switched over to the S5. I was just wondering if there was a way to still listen to music while in a call like I used to be able to do with my Iphone?

    • Skander

      I can’t seem to find a way to do that. It’s an Android thing, when a call is started music in not allowed to run until the call is off.

    • help you solve your problem

      Just download a music app any music app will work :)

  • Mike

    Got my S5 a couple months ago and everything has been fine. But a couple days ago the phone changed my set home page panel and now I can’t switch it back. According to the manual, just tap the house icon to set the the panel you want as your home page. Well that does nothing. Any suggestions?

    • Skander

      Click the 3 icons on the top right -> click settings (scroll to the bottom of the list) -> click “set homepage” -> choose from current page/default page/quick access/most viewed or others.

  • Rajeedah Lisenby

    If your phone is locked is there a way to know who’s texting you without unlocking the phone? My phone just says New Message(s). I like that it doesn’t show the whole message while locked but I just want to know who texted me while its locked.

    • Johnny Game

      Here,under Preview Message, tick the box next to “Lock screen”

      • josh

        Awesome, thanks for posting this I had been trying to find out how to do it

  • feelinglame

    Call me stupid but I seem to always call the person I am texting if I use talk to text mode. This is not good. WTH am I doing wrong? Gees…

  • seeyouagain

    is there a way to see if the person you texted was reading it or deleted it?

    • Jackie Morrison

      Yes in settings you can ask for a notification

  • Amanda

    I can’t send more than 1-2 pictures at a time via text message nor can I send videos from my device in any manner (text, email, etc.). Is there a way to change this? I’ve seen other people with the S5 send more than 1-2 photos at a time, is this a setting thing? HELP!

  • engrichard

    Please help. How can I remove the Read out of SMS sender in my Samsung Galaxy S5? I have exhausted all the possible ways.. help me please??

    • samsungtomorrow

      Hi @engrichard – have you tried the Customer and Support team? They can probably help you out more personally when it comes to product related issues. If you haven’t we recommend you to visit http://www.samsung.com/sec/function/ipredirection/ipredirectionLocalList.do, choose the country you reside in, and click on Support. They will help you immediately!

  • MzTweety Brandee Dillard

    I haven’t had my S5 a week yet but I can’t figure out why I can’t swipe right from homepage it keeps saying application not installed

  • Natasha

    I’ve had my galaxy s5 for a few months now, and my home screen was set up like the above with the weather and the time at the top.. this has suddenly disappeared, i know have a blank screen with some icons :( i have been playing in my settings for days and can’t see how I get it back to look like that?

    • MzTweety Brandee Dillard

      on your homepage hold a open space next to any icon as the pages shrink the widget setting will appear at the bottom

  • sisanda

    i luv taking puctures horizontally but when i want to preview the images doesnt fit the whole screen.
    can someone help or is it the way om taking the photo.

  • Tara varghese

    I can’t find the settings icon on my new samsung galaxy s5 camera.. Please help !!

    • Psp

      Switch to standard mode of phone from easy mode.

      • Maddys79

        I have the same problem as Tara, switched to Standard mode and still no setting icon on camera

      • Maddys79

        Thanks psp, I’ve had the same problem, problem solved now.

  • Tara varghese

    Phone camera

  • Umayr

    While I use my Galaxy S5 when I do call on Skype or phone. My screen disappear without taking my phone to my ear. I cannot go on video conversation on Skype. Plz help me out. Waiting

  • Richard Giglia

    Hey my samsung doesnt have the short cut option for the camera please help

    • Shanthi

      Are you in Australia? We don’t get it here :( We also can’t turn the shutter sound off. Such a rip!

  • Lizard

    My friend has a motorola and his phone talks to him when he has a call or text and asks him if he wants to accept, he doesn’t even have to touch his phone it is all talk for whatever he needs. Can the Samsung Galaxy S5 do this?

  • papa

    Samsung galaxy is a crap phone. It is full to the brim of bugs and issues and is pound for pound a total waste of money. A complete piece of shit

    • Jim Kener

      I have had a Samsung 4 and now the S5 compared to my friends IPhone it is much better in terms of performance and durability. I have not had any problems with either of them, they both work as advertised, you may have a defective phone or have to adjust your settings.

  • MTS5

    When swapping from S3 to S5 all Picasaweb pics (19000+) was put in one -1- folder!!?!! In other words; Samsung has made a mess of my photos and it’s useless for showing/looking at photos. When I lost Screen Mirroring both to my Samsung 55″ UE55H8005 and the Samsung Dongle at the same time, the S5 is useless crap an of no value for me. Will try to get rid of this shit and swap back to S3. The next new mobile will be from a company that take care of the customer and has continuation considerations. By the way, the Blu-ray player dos not operate correct with the TV and Smart View app either. Stay away.

    • Big Al

      19,000 photos? C’mon dude, get a life. I think the photo snafu was God telling you to enjoy life through your own eyeballs and not a Super AMOLED screen.

      • MTS5

        If I spend 2 sec on each pic 1 hour a day, I can watch all my photos in 10,5 days. Not on a AMOLED, but on a TV-screen by Screen Mirroring. Some Big Dickhead Als spend time on writing silly comments on blogs. Who should get a life?

  • SKD-CA

    My S5 doesn’t ring audibly when the screen is locked or the phone is in sleep mode. I have the ring volume @ maximum & I’ve been to the AT&T store twice for this. If the screen is lit then the incoming call rings fine. If I happen to activate the phone when there is an incoming call (that I’m not aware of due to the lack of audible ring),then the incoming call is displayed with the ability to answer. There has to be a setting that I have set incorrectly. I can’t be checkig the phone every 6 seconds to see if there is an incoming call. Can anyone help with this problem?

    • Jim Kener

      Your not going to like this but as you will have to reload all applications and everything else so use your back up as you don’t want to lose everything then reset the phone to factory settings the problem should go away.

  • jesse

    please help….how do i create a playlist with my mp4 music video’s with my s5, my music videos are in the the video icon..

    • samsungtomorrow

      Hi @jesse – please ask our local Customer and Support team. They will be able to assist you promptly. You can contact by visiting http://www.samsung.com/sec/function/ipredirection/ipredirectionLocalList.do, choosing the country you reside in, and click on Support, which is at the bottom of the page. Hope this helps!

    • jes

      Hey…talked 2 them&they have no idea.. may as well have asked my cat about it..I just want to create a playlist of mp4z to watch and listen 2 with my s 5…I find it amusing & frustrating at the same time,In that the s 5 is unable to do this..

  • tinesha

    I forgot my private mode password how can I get my files i hide ?if I reboot my phone would it be un done???

    • Jim Kener

      backup your data and reset the phone to factory default. Note you will lose everything in private mode :)

  • jes

    can someone please let me know if there s 5 can create a video playlist…There is no option for a playlist in video mode on mine..

  • topsy

    I have just had my S5 but I noticed that when I am checking my email a message will appear ‘Unfortunately, Email has stopped’ at the appearing the email close, can you advice me what I need to do.

  • Mare

    How do you group text more than 10 on the S5?

  • Klein

    How do I lock my messages so that I can only see them.

    • boeta

      there are several good apps that you can use, just browse the play store and see which suits you best

  • terry

    my s5 used to read out the name or number of the person who is calling but since the last software update it no longer does this..the feature was very helpful for me how do i get it back.

  • Cheryl Massey

    The video call button is USELESS. You see it, on the lower left of this screenshot. If you touch it to make a video call, all it ever does is beep twice and say, unavailable, would you like to make a regular call. It certainly isn’t a “facetime” competitor, that’s for sure.

  • Ashraff Mariner

    is there any security feautures that could block skype from making calls in S5

  • Erika

    I have this lock and key notification on my samsung 5 s and cannot find anywhere what is…it is similar to the my account icon in the apps menu

  • Firoz

    is it possible to have a full screen shot during a video call ?

    • samsungtomorrow

      Hi @Firoz- For more of a personalized assistance, visit samsung.com/sec/function/ipredirection/ipredirectionLocalList.do, choose the country you reside in, click on Support, and go to Contact Us. Hope this helps!

  • Melissa Bennett-James

    How do I disable to the messages app? Or is there a way to set it to where it does not show a preview of my incoming texts? I HATE THIS. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • Henok Tsegaye

    Unknown source option is not active. Becouse of that i can’t able to enable/disable the softwares from other than google play store.

    Does anybody help me?

  • michelle

    I use to be able to read deleted text messages in my call logs, and now it only shows a messages was sent or received but the conversation doesn’t appear

  • Jennifer

    when i received a text with a picture from someone, when i click on the picture all the other pics from past texts are on the bottom of the screen. how do i get rid of them?

    • gabovis

      U have to put off the sync.

  • jof

    how come i cant send messages or browse the net when im talking to somebody but i can do this on my s3?

    • boeta

      You can, you just press the home button on the S3, which will basically send the active call screen to the background, allowing you to multi-task while you are busy with a call

  • Fatimah

    Why is my samsung s5 phone when opening a video msg shows unable to play during call….but i’m not on any call..& data usage has been increase…please help…tq